Exclusive Member Benefit

NSA has negotiated an exclusive deal on your behalf!

As an NSA member, you have access to Zoom’s Enterprise level subscription (as an NSA sub-account, so you don’t have to purchase 100+ licenses), AND it is an investment of only $360/year. You will save $1,980 annually, which is more than 4x your membership dues!

  • Features include:
  • 1 Meeting License ($14.99/month value)
  • 1 Webinar 500 License ($140/month value)
  • Unlimited Cloud Recording (minimum $40/month value)
  • Webinars for up to 500 people
  • Meetings for up to 500 participants
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Live Stream to Facebook

$195/Month Only $30/Month*

*Paid as one-year subscription of $360

Zoom Deep Dives: The Basics

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having issues, who can I contact?

NSA Member Services: memberservices@nsaspeaker.org 

Zoom Support 
Zoom Billing: billing@zoom.us 

Zoom Customer Support: 1-888-799-9666 (2 for Support, 3 for Billing)
Zoom Support Ticket

What does “plus more” mean in terms of features? 
With the NSA package members receive: 

  • 1 Meeting 500 License ($14.99/month if bought individually) 
  • 1 Webinar 500 License ($140/month if bought individually) 
  • Unlimited Cloud Recording (Minimum $40/month if bought individually) 

If you were to purchase the enterprise-level plus the webinar license outside of NSA, you would be paying approximately $195/month ($2,340/year). 

Features include: 

  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes 
  • Reporting 
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID 
  • Assign scheduler 
  • Dedicated phone support 
  • Option for on-premise deployment 
  • Managed domains 
  • Single sign-on 
  • Company branding 
  • Custom emails 
  • LTI integration 
  • Cloud Recording Transcripts 
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage 
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager 
  • Executive Business Reviews 

What’s not included in this option: 

  • Admin Feature Controls 
  • Admin dashboard 
  • Zoom Rooms (which is separate from Zoom Breakout Rooms)

How do I sign up for the NSA Zoom Enterprise discounted rate? 
After logging into your member profile, you can find Zoom in the store with the following steps:

Select the “Store” on the left column.

Select “Zoom Subscription” from the options on the left or scroll down the page. Click on Zoom when it appears in the store.

Click “Add to Order” near the middle of the screen. The shopping cart will pop up allowing you to check out or continue shopping. The menu will dissolve after a few moments. you can click the shopping cart option to bring it back.

Enter your payment information or select your saved payment method to check out!

Once I have completed my payment on My NSA Profile, what are the next steps? 
You will receive a confirmation email from NSA after your purchase, asking you to allow two business days for NSA to process your order. Look for the email in your spam/junk folder if you’re unable to find it in your regular inbox. 

If you receive the confirmation to a different email address than the one you would like associated with your Zoom subscription, contact NSA at MemberServices@NSAspeaker.org. 

What will the email that I receive from Zoom to transfer my account look like?

When I receive an email from Zoom requesting to transfer my account to NSA, what does this mean? 
Your account payments are managed by NSA, but the individual account and settings are still managed by you. 

What if I currently have a Zoom account? 
If you’re already using Zoom, you can transfer your account to NSA’s discounted program. You will need to use the same email address that is associated with your current Zoom account. More information is listed below, but it’s possible to get a prorated refund for your remaining subscription. 

How do I get my prorated refund? 
If you have an existing account, Zoom will identify your email address, and ask you several questions that will guide you through your reimbursement process. 

When prompted, select “Refund to me” for Zoom to reimburse you, noted in the image below. 

Note: The second option refunds the remaining balance to the NSA master account. It’s still possible to get the prorated refund; however, it will increase the length of time it takes to receive it. 

Please note, the reimbursement of the prorated amount will come directly from Zoom in approximately seven business days. For questions about the refund, email billing@zoom.us. 

I think I am eligible for a refund, what actions should I take? 
If you followed the listed steps when transferring your account, there should be no action needed.

I have scheduled meetings and webinars; will these be on my upgraded account? 
Yes. Any meetings and webinars that you have scheduled already will automatically transfer over to your new account. 

How many hosts can I have at the NSA price? 
Our program includes one host license. If you would like multiple licenses, you can create additional accounts by using different email addresses, and paying the annual fee to NSA for each email address. 

Why isn’t my Zoom account showing “Enterprise License” if I have the benefits? 
You will continue to see the “Pro License,” but will receive enterprise-level features. All features within the meeting are the same, but you have access to unlimited cloud recording, and increased meeting and webinar sizes, which are included in the “Enterprise License.” 

How does Zoom know that I should receive these benefits? 
With NSA’s partnership with Zoom, an NSA staff member personally works with Zoom for your account transfer, which is why it can take up to two business days. Once this is complete, Zoom can see that you are part of our program. 

Are you able to customize the Vanity URL? 
The vanity URL is part of the NSA account, so members will not have their own vanity URL.

Can I add apps from the Zoom Marketplace?
If an app is labeled as you/individual, you can add the app. If an app says user/group, you cannot add that app to your account.