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Do you want to leave Winter Conference having checked something off your to-do list? Then grab your notebook and don’t miss attending one of our hands-on labs.


Thought Leader Research Lab
Josh Packard, PhD
True thought leadership is a combination of experience and expertise backed up by data-driven insights. The focus of this lab is to provide guidance on how to get the original research and data you need to level-up your talks, provide original content for blogs and books and help establish new engagement patterns with existing and future clients. Josh Packard, Executive Director of The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado, will guide you in creating a step-by-step research plan, complete with timeline and budget that fits into your personal business plan and brand, that will establish you as a true thought leader in your industry now and for years to come.


The Future of Storytelling is Raw Emotion… Experienced Virtually
Brian Fanzo
Telling stories is central to what we do as speakers. It draws us to our audience and makes what we teach memorable. But with the rise of virtual presentations, that crucial emotional connection has become harder to sustain. Fortunately, the future of virtual and augmented reality is all about emotion. In this hands-on workshop learn how the next wave of technology will allow an audience to step into our shoes and interact, virtually, with the dynamic emotions of a narrative. Artificial intelligence with feeling has the potential to change our industry as much as the internet has. Join Brian Fanzo and experience what that means for you and your business right here.

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