Why I Joined NSA with Videos (Draft)

Ruby Newell-Legner“Joining NSA was the best career move I ever made.  I attended my local NSA Colorado chapter for a number of years as a guest and soon it became very apparent that I would get so much more by becoming a member. The resources, connections and expertise I found through NSA shortened my learning curve and introduced me to the best speakers in our profession who are now my colleagues and friends

There are so many aspects of the business that I didn’t even know I needed to develop and without NSA, I would still be trying to figure them out. 

NSA has offered me great tools and educational experiences to enhance my career as a speaker, business owner, and consultant.  I credit my attendance at NSA meetings and getting involved with my local chapter with helping me establish my position as the number one expert in my field as a Fan Experience Expert. Without NSA, I believe I would still be trying to find my way.

I have attended 17 out of the last 19 NSA National Conventions and wouldn’t have missed the two that I did if a long term client had not booked me during the time of the Convention. Each year countless memories and powerful insight are gleaned from the experience.  My mind is always stretched and the unforgettable experiences will last a lifetime.

I continue to be a member of NSA because of the friends and colleagues I have met.  They can relate to this unique profession and offer insight on how to make it work.  We share mistakes and celebrate successes with each other. 

I regularly recommend NSA to thought leaders who offer their message through delivering the spoken word.  So often experts are called upon to share their wisdom and they do not know how to stand up in front of a group to present their ideas and knowledge in a meaningful way.  NSA offers powerful educational opportunities and resources to help thought leaders communicate their expertise in a professional manner. This helps them grow their reach, their reputation and their business.”
-Ruby Newell-Legner.

Eliz GreeneI am more me when I am with NSA.” Eliz Greene
Embrace Your Heart Wellness Initiative Working with busy women to improve their heart health so they can work well, feel well, and stress less.

Laurie Guest“Being a member of NSA has shaved YEARS off my learning curve. Great education and great people is what it is all about for me. I would not be a successful speaker today if it wasn’t for this organization and its members!”
Laurie Guest, CSP
Professional Speaker & Trainer

Thom Singer“Being a part of the National Speakers Association is about more than the organization itself. The people you meet will expose you to the many different ways to succeed in the speaking business. From the outside a career in speaking looks very different than it does when you are living it. Joining NSA and cultivating real friendships with other speakers at your experience level can be the “Fast-Pass” to success.”
Thom Singer “The Conference Catalyst”

Candy Whirley“My business has grown because of the giving hearts and souls of my fellow NSA Members!  Whether it be at my chapter level, mastermind partners or meeting new people at our annual NSA Convention…I take away doable nuggets to increase my fee, content and expertise.  My business would NOT be what it is today without NSA!”
Candy Whirley, MM SBG Services, LLC
Website: www.candywhirley.com

Patrick Donadio“The National Speakers Association cut years off my learning curve. Even though I have been speaking professionally for over 27 years, I still find tremendous value in being a member; from the great workshops and conventions, to the education resources, to my local chapter.   NSA is the place to be if you are a thought leader who wants to want get into or stay in the speaking profession.” 
Patrick Donadio, MBA, CSP, MCC
Certified Speaking Professional & Master Certified Coach
Phone: 614-488-9164
E-mail: Patrick@PatrickDonadio.com
Website: www.PatrickDonadio.com

Patrick Allmond“Don’t come to the NSA Convention if you are okay with no business growth. Don’t come to NSA Convention if you okay with mediocre platform skills. And don’t come to the NSA Convention if you are content with having a small local network of people that might be limiting your growth. However, if you have a great message that you want to get out the world and make money in the process, there is no better place to be than at an NSA Convention. ”
– Patrick Allmond

Sierra Modro“The NSA Convention was even better than I hoped. I have heard the old phrase, “Strangers are friends you haven’t met.” At Convention, it felt like I was surrounded by friends who wanted not only to meet me, but do everything they can to help me succeed. Coming home, I have a renewed sense of purpose, and the skills to create the career I want. When I left the corporate world and started my own business, I missed the camaraderie and support of coworkers. Now, I have that mutual support system from my new friends and colleagues in the speaking profession. I know my NSA family will help me along each step to be my very best self.
– Sierra Modro