Winter Conference 2018 Schedule at a Glance

February 16-18, 2018 | Baltimore, MD




Presenter List





Friday, February 16
8:00am-2:00pmMillion Dollar Speakers Group (by invitation only)
11:00am-2:00pmPre-Conference Sessions
2:00pm-2:45pmReception for First Time Attendees

General Session: See the Future

The Future of The Meetings Industry
Michael Dominguez

The future of speaking is much like the future of all industry and business, it is changing at a pace never seen before in history. To succeed today, one must think like a start-up! This means move fast, be nimble and fail often. That is a scary proposition for many of those who have been in the speaking field as this is far from the norm. Authenticity has never been more important and an understanding that “context” versus “content” rules the day.

The Future of Lead Generation: Using Talk Triggers to Create Conversations in a Noisy World
Jay Baer, CSP
Every element of your speaking business presents you with a choice. Do you do it like everyone else, or do you do it different?
With more and more (and MORE) people rushing into the speaking business, differentiation is no longer an optional ingredient, it’s a requirement for lead generation. In this fast-paced, massively relevant session, Jay will unveil dazzling examples of speakers setting themselves apart and generating leads by having the courage to put a twist on anything and everything.

5:30pm-7:00pmEvening Reception
Saturday, February 17

General Session: Predict the future

The Future of Client Acquisition: Making Your Own Luck with Conversations That Really Count
Phil Jones

The Buyers Perspective LIVE.
Panelists: Danielle Cote and Peter O’Neil; Moderator: Sarah Michel, CSP
Learn about the future of speaking from the perspective of multiple buyers who each hire over 50 professional speakers a year. Discover how they plan to use speakers at their meetings moving forward and what you will need to do to earn their business. Sarah Michel, CSP will be moderating a lively discussion with buyers from national associations and corporations who will be sharing their predictions and answering your questions. You must be IN the room for this one – the session will not be recorded!

11:30am-12:30pmHands-On Labs

General Session: Predict the Future

We asked some of the most successful speakers in NSA to predict the Future of Speaking, and their answers may surprise you! Hear directly from members of the Million Dollar Speakers Group to learn about what you can do today to stay relevant for your clients in the future.

4:15pm-5:15pmHands-On Labs
5:15pm-5:30pmWrap Up the Day
EveningGroup on Their Own
Sunday, February 18

General Session: Imagine the Future

Join us on the Imagine Stage, where we’ll envision the Future of Speaking through the lens of the things that could affect it most.

We’ll imagine the answers to questions like:

  • Will the stage of the future be virtual or real?
  • What about the audience?
  • And what about…us, the speakers?

Across topics like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to wearables and the future of work, this morning promises to be high in both impact and imagination.

*Subject to change