Winter Conference 2018 Schedule at a Glance

February 16-18, 2018 | Baltimore, MD




Presenter List





Friday, Feb. 16
7:00am-6:30pm Registration and Information Desk Open
7:15am-2:00pm Million Dollar Speakers Group (by invitation only)
11:00am-6:30pm Exhibits Open
11:00am-12:00pm Power Women of NSA (Community Group)
The Future of Your Speaking Business
1:00pm-2:00pm NSA XY (Community Group)
Drop the Mic – An Interactive Discussion About Hosting a Podcast
1:00pm-2:00pm Sponsor Session: Matt Brauning
Leveraging NLP From the Stage
2:00pm-2:45pm Reception for First Time Attendees hosted by Jeanne Stafford

General Session: See the Future

The Future of Your Speaker Brand: Who are You? What are You Bringing to the Room? How are You Saving the Day?
Kaplan Mobray
Your audience not only looks to you for knowledge, but for the kind of connection that changes them—because it is who you are. The true value of your speaker brand derives from the quality of your engagement. Are you a hero or a villain? Kaplan will share tools to help you strengthen that relationship so you can win with your audience and save the day for your clients.

The Future of The Meetings Industry
Michael Dominguez

The future of speaking is much like the future of all industry and business, it is changing at a pace never seen before in history. To succeed today, one must think like a start-up! This means move fast, be nimble and fail often. That is a scary proposition for many of those who have been in the speaking field as this is far from the norm. Authenticity has never been more important and an understanding that “context” versus “content” rules the day.

The Future of Lead Generation: Using Talk Triggers to Create Conversations in a Noisy World
Jay Baer, CSP
Every element of your speaking business presents you with a choice. Do you do it like everyone else, or do you do it different? With more and more (and MORE) people rushing into the speaking business, differentiation is no longer an optional ingredient, it’s a requirement for lead generation. In this fast-paced, massively relevant session, Jay will unveil dazzling examples of speakers setting themselves apart and generating leads by having the courage to put a twist on anything and everything.

5:30pm-6:30pm Evening Reception
Saturday, Feb. 17
7:00am-5:30pm Registration, Exhibits and Information Desk Open
7:00am-8:15am Breakfast
7:15am-8:15am Podcaster Meet Up (Community Group)
How to Get Sponsors, Listeners and Guests, Oh My! with Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE and Lindsey Hayzlett

General Session: Predict the Future

The Future of Client Acquisition: Making Your Own Luck with Conversations That Really Count
Phil Jones
The future of speaking brings more competition, more direct contact with speakers and more challenging demands from clients wanting different and unique experiences for their audiences. Learn directly from Phil how the precise words, at the right time impact on the outcomes of your conversations. Expect to scribble pages of notes and have instantly applicable strategies that show you just how important YOUR role is in winning the clients that YOU want really is.

The Buyers Perspective LIVE.
Panelists: Danielle Cote, Letty Kluttz, and Peter O’Neil; Moderator: Sarah Michel, CSP
Learn about the future of speaking from the perspective of multiple buyers who each hire over 50 professional speakers a year. Discover how they plan to use speakers at their meetings moving forward and what you will need to do to earn their business. Sarah Michel, CSP will be moderating a lively discussion with buyers from national associations and corporations who will be sharing their predictions and answering your questions. You must be IN the room for this one – the session will not be recorded!

Members will take the main stage three times during the day to wow you with their expertise, eloquence and flair. In just five minutes, each speaker will demonstrate that they know what’s coming next. The challenge? Presenters have no control over when their slides advance!

Micro-Presentations with Nora Burns
Speaking as Teaching with Patrick Galvin, MBA
Elephants in Meetings with Deborah Gardner, CMP
Perceptions of Disability with Donna Mack

The Million Dollar Speakers Group Predicts Your Future
Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
We asked some of the most successful speakers in NSA to predict the Future of Speaking, and their answers may surprise you! Hear directly from members of the Million Dollar Speakers Group to learn about what you can do today to stay relevant for your clients in the future.

We Saw the Future at CES
Marilyn Sherman, CSP

Timeless Wisdom with Barry Banther, CSP
Asking Powerful Questions with Cathy Fyock, CSP




NSA Meets NSA: A Day in the Life of the Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center
David Hogue
As the Technical Director of The National Security Agency’s Cybersecurity Threat Operations Center (NCTOC), David provides insights into NSA’s daily operations, the threats we face, and in the spirit of collaboration, offers up its best principles for cyber defense. Q&A facilitated by Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE.

Lab presenters share: Josh Packard, Phd, James Taylor, MBA, and Brian Fanzo


Hands-On Labs

The Future of Thought Leadership is Excellence in Research
Josh Packard, PhD
True thought leadership is a combination of experience and expertise backed up by data-driven insights. The focus of this lab is to provide guidance on how to get the original research and data you need to level-up your talks, provide original content for blogs and books and help establish new engagement patterns with existing and future clients. Josh, Executive Director of The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado, will guide you in creating a step-by-step research plan, complete with timeline and budget that fits into your personal business plan and brand, that will establish you as a true thought leader in your industry now and for years to come.

The Future of Storytelling is Raw Emotion… Experienced Virtually
Brian Fanzo
Telling stories is central to what we do as speakers. It draws us to our audience and makes what we teach memorable. But with the rise of virtual presentations, that crucial emotional connection has become harder to sustain. Fortunately, the future of virtual and augmented reality is all about emotion. In this hands-on workshop learn how the next wave of technology will allow an audience to step into our shoes and interact, virtually, with the dynamic emotions of a narrative. Artificial intelligence with feeling has the potential to change our industry as much as the internet has. Experience what that means for you and your business right here.

The Future is Global: Using Online Summits to Reach the Rising Billions
James Taylor, MBA, FRSA
In the next three years, nearly three billion people will be coming online for the very first time. Those speakers who know how to position and package their ideas and expertise online will reap the rewards of influencing these “rising billions.” In this content-rich session, James Taylor will pull back the curtain on how he used online summits to go from newbie speaker to traveling the world as a highly paid global keynote speaker, all in less than 12 months. You’ll learn how to create and launch your own profitable online summit to build your authority, grow your audience and get more speaking gigs.


The Future of Facilitation: New Interaction Techniques to Leverage your Expertise 
Eddie Turner
Leverage your expertise by adding effective and dynamic facilitation to your skill set. A facilitation delivery is what most meeting planners and audiences are demanding now and the trend will only continue to grow. Being a facilitative speaker goes beyond the well-used “think/pair/share” or a group discussion followed by a report-out by a spokesperson. This session will demonstrate new audience interaction techniques and show you how to recognize opportunities for increased facilitation in speaking and training.

Stress-Free Productivity with Kathy Gruver
The Silver Tsunami with Reiner Roeske
See, Predict, Imagine with Mystery Speaker

Free Evening Attendees on own for dinner
Sunday, Feb. 18
7:00am-12:00pm Registration, Exhibits and Information Desk Open
7:00am-8:15am Breakfast
7:15am-8:15am Authors Meet Up (Community Group)
How to Get Your Book to Become a Bestseller with Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE and Lindsey Hayzlett

General Session: Imagine the Future

Join us on the Imagine Stage, where we’ll envision the Future of Speaking through the lens of the things that could affect it most.

The Imagine Stage with Tamsen Webster
Imagine the Future of Marketing with Christopher Penn
Imagine Physical Media in a Digital World with Trish Witkowski
Imagine… with Mystery Speaker
Imagine Mobile Technology Revolutionizing the Speaking Business with Crystal Washington, CSP
Imagine Content Creation in a World with Creative Machines with Andrew Tarvin
Imagine the Future of NSA with Mary Lue Peck, NSA’s CEO & Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE, 2017-18 NSA President

*Subject to change