NSA Mission: Empowering Professional Speakers to Thrive and Influence. We elevate excellence, share expertise, and challenge one another to improve. nsa values Abundant generosity


  • We exhibit a culture of giving and sharing of our experience and expertise.
  • We call this “The Spirit of Cavett,” honoring our Founder’s example to help each other learn, grow and prosper.
  • As we pursue success, we practice generosity and recognize philanthropic achievements.


Elevating excellence


  • We recognize, celebrate, and teach excellence in both the art and business of speaking.
  • We feature experts and diverse examples of industry-leading excellence.
  • We are committed to lifelong improvement.


Intentional language


  • We honor the power of well-spoken words.
  • We respect the creative works of others and inspire people to find their original voice.
  • We communicate with intention, care, and respect.


Honorable innovation


  • We honor our history, legacy, and the contributions of those who preceded us.
  • We recognize and embrace the evolution required to remain relevant and accomplish our mission and vision.
  • We act with courage, integrity, and ethics, as leaders and as members.


Uplifting humanity


  • We foster positive change for people and organizations.
  • We enable audience members to improve, prosper, and succeed.
  • We practice inclusion and learn from diverse viewpoints.