Chapter Leadership

Standards Agreement

Standards Agreement for Professional Speakers Bureaus

I Shall,

1. Represent fairly and accurately the extent of my background and services in both oral and written communications.

2. Help speakers, to the best of my ability, in their relationships with bureaus so they may understand what they can and cannot expect from bureaus and vice versa.

3. Represent each speaker fairly without promising clients anything that cannot be provided by the speaker.

4. Maintain a current file on speakers, regularly upgrading and updating information and material, including photos, biographies, tapes, brochures, etc, making every effort to hear each speaker and stay current with their presentations.

5. Restrict myself to fair and truthful statements when asked to comment on fellow bureaus.

6. Provide a contact point for the speakers, when asked by fellow bureaus and/or recommend bureaus that have exclusive representations for speakers. An equitable commission split shall be worked out without additional charges to the client when possible.

7. Disclose to speakers the gross and net honorariums quoted to clients and stay with the predetermined ranges agreed upon by both bureau and speaker.

8. Avoid working for, supporting or lending my name to organizations or individuals that indulge in unethical practices. (Sharing this information with other bureaus is an obligation.)

9. Maintain the trust of clients, speakers or others who may reveal confidential information to me unless withholding such information would cause harm to others. In such cases, a considered judgment should be made as to the appropriate action.

10. Constantly search for ways to be of greater value to clients, the speaking profession and the National Speakers Association.

11. Avoid conflicts of interest

12. Share with other member bureaus my knowledge and experience as a bureau, when requested to do so.

13. Expand my talents and abilities without infringing on the rights of others.

14. Remember it is an obligation and a privilege to be completely fair with speakers and clients and to maintain rapport beneficial to a profitable relationship with both.

15. Share all ratings of performance provided by clients with the individual speaker, to assist in the growth and development of that speaker.

16. Remit all honorariums and expense checks to speakers immediately upon payment by the client.

17. Communicate immediately with the speaker any changes decided upon by the client that might change the speaker’s presentation.

18. Do everything in my power to ensure that both client and speaker have a worthwhile and positive experience.

19. Notify speaker about a date before committing to booking.

20. Release “holds” on speaker’s calendars promptly when the client decides upon another speaker or at the point the bureau determines the sale is lost.

21. Inform clients about such items as: advance deposits, first class air fare and selling products from the platform, before any agreement is made between the bureau and client; then confirm it in writing.

22. Obtain permission from the client and the speaker before using their name, or company name, in bureau promotions.

Please read the standards agreement carefully before signing and retain a copy for you records.

Having met the necessary conditions for NSA’s Bureau Partner category, I hereby further affirm that I have received, read, understand and agree to abide by the Standards Agreement for Professional Speakers Bureaus affiliated with the National Speakers Association, in addition to the Code of Ethics of the National Speakers Association.

In consideration for considering my application, I shall indemnify, hold harmless and release NSA, it’s officers, directors, employees, agents or others acting for or on behalf of NSA from any and all liability arising out of the acceptance or rejection of this application and the suspension or termination of membership for any reason by NSA.