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  • 16 Revenue-Generating Ideas - At Influence 2018, 16 speakers each had two-minutes to quickly and clearly share a tip that brought their business additional revenue. Check out the transcripts of each of their presentations that can help you bring in more revenue for your speaking business,
  • Create Your Own Custom Pre-Event List  - From location logistics and AV specifications to who will handle handouts, there are dozens of details that need to be squared away before you speak. If you’re newer to speaking, you may not yet have thought about all the things that need to be figured out
  • Getting Ready for the Biggest Change  - Life events cause you to think of things—even the inevitable—in different ways. Intellectually, we all know that death will become part of our lives sooner, but hopefully later. Emotionally, most humans follow Scarlett O’Hara’s philosophy, “I’ll t