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  • The Art of Outside of the Spotlight: Jon Petz, Emcee Extraordinaire - In my tenure as an NSA Member, I have heard a number of times that trainers work the hardest, consultants the longest, and keynoters flashiest. We all ought to be “partners” with our clients, no matter the method of delivery. Being an emcee ties all of th
  • Strategic Planning for Professional Speakers - As a professional meeting facilitator who leads strategic planning meetings, I feel compelled to “eat my own dog food” and create a meaningful strategic plan for my own business. Just to be clear: I’m not talking about a big binder of useless informati
  • The Picture of Success - I interviewed five fabulous speakers on how they use Instagram for their business. Not too surprising, they had five completely different strategies for how they use the app and how they determine results. There were two consistent messages in the interviews.