Resource Roundup: March 20, 2018

We're almost through the first quarter of the year! Here are a couple articles and videos we think you can use to better set up your rooms, moderate panels, film your events and film yourself on the go.

Meeting room with chairs.

You’re All Set with Smart Room Setups

The right room arrangement can make all the difference to your speaking success. Once you decide how you want the room to be arranged, provide your meeting planner with a diagram of your preferred setup. Continue Reading.

A panel speaking before an audience

7 Tips to Take Your Panel Discussion from Terrible to Terrific

The only thing worse than a dull speech is a dull panel discussion, where the misery is multiplied by the number of bad panelists. We’re accustomed to planning carefully for a big speech, but when it comes to serving on panels, it’s tempting to just “wing it.” Continue Reading.

Chris West

Tips for Shooting Your Live Events

Chris West shares some insights about why and how you should film your live events, from camera suggestions camera placement. Watch Video.

Meeting room with chairs.

How to Make Videos on Your Phone

Need to film a video while traveling? Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE, demonstrates how to film a quick, professional video with your phone. Watch Video.

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