Resource Round up – April 17, 2018


How Tax Advice May Change For You in 2018

Read this, but then take our advice. Hire a professional to help you. A lot is still up in the air, so ask your tax professional when would be the best time to meet, probably no later than the end of summer. Continue Reading.


The 5 Biggest Money Risks for Speakers

Do you dread doing your accounting? As speakers, we need to know we have enough money in the bank, but we might have a bookkeeper to take care of the endless posting chores that all small businesses have. Continue Reading.


Speaker's Toolkit Interview with Joel Block, CSP

Joel Block, CSP, shares his best Speaker Toolkit strategies with Marquesa Pettway, CSP, for the October 2016 Speaker Magazine's Speaker Toolkit Column. Watch Video.


Spirit of NSA Gift: Sekou Andrews Influence 2017

Sekou Andrews' closing session at Influence 2017, The Mighty Mouth Movement: From Speaker to Performer to Rockstar!, is available to view through September 30, 2018. You must log in with your My NSA credentials. Watch Video

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