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Teresa Funke
Teresa Funke
(970) 215-4155
PEG Leadership Chair
Mike Schmidtmann
Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103
Michelle Reynolds
Nikki Harris
Community Specialist
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June 2015: Bring insight to your writing; How to design a book cover that sells itself

March/April 2015: Attract audiences with 10 tips for successful self-publishing; learn what authors really want from their editors

December 2014: Writing your book in 6 steps–part 2; How to use testimonials to grow your business

September 2014: Writing your book in 6 steps; How to break up your content into short, easy guides

June 2014: Do’s and don’ts of dealing with the media and how to create your own audio best-seller

March 2014: Failing successfully, marketing tips for authors and how to create and organize your book

January 2014: Save your sanity, marketing tips for authors and how to write the next best-seller

October 2013: 7 principles of author success, how to promote your book to radio talk shows without leaving your home and the inside scoop on how to find the perfect literary agent

March 2013: Create Once Publish Everywhere and how to get more reviews on Amazon

January 2013: Giving away your eBooks for free and Q&A with a literary agent


How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells with Jeff Herman

How to Publish and Promote Your Nonfiction Book in Today’s Markets with Stephanie Chandler

Secrets to a Successful Book Launch with David Newman

The Inside Scoop on How to Find the Perfect Literary Agent with Chuck Sambuchino

Online and Offline Marketing Secrets with John Kremer

7 Writing Mistakes Editors Constantly Fix to Make Your Book Saleable with Barbara McNichol

How to Use Your Book(s) to Book More Business with Lois Creamer

Articles: The “Write” Stuff to Build Your Brand with Russell Trahan

How to Ethically Sell From the Platform Without Annoying Your Audience or Torking Off Your Client with Craig Valentine and Ed Tate, CSP

Webinar: Putting Your Book and eBook Sales on Autopilot: Part II with Brian Schwartz

Rock Star Status Reality Check with Nancy Juetten

Webinar: Creating a Best-Seller Brand! with Dick Bruso

Storycatcher with Christina Baldwin

Beyond the Single-Copy Sale with Paulette Ensign

Publishing’s Wild West Show with Patricia Ross and Jerry Simmons

Webinar: Copyright versus Trademark with Carol Desmond

The Fine Art of Becoming an Author with Debra Fine

The Buck Starts Here with Brian Jud

Webinar: Continuous Partial Attention with Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay

All PEG Member Teleseminar with David Glickman, CSP, and Ron Culberson, CSP, MSW

So You Want to Be Published? with Patricia Iyer

POP! Your Book, Brand and Business with Sam Horn

I See Your Book Everywhere with Pam Lontos, CSP, MA

How to Print and Publish Your Own Glossy Magazine On-Demand Using MagCloud Digital Technology with Ian Griffin

Everything You Want to Know About Selling Your Book on Amazon with Brent Sampson

Creating a Bestselling Career with Greg Godek

Book Marketing Secrets for Creating a Best-Seller with John Kremer

How Authors Make Money on the Internet…for REAL with Adam Witty and Tom Antion

Publishing with Power with Judith Briles

Can I Make Money Podcasting And Blogging? with JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD

What Separates Speakers with Massive Income? with Hobie Hobart

Everything You Wanted to Know About Writing and Publishing…But Were Afraid To Ask with Dan Poynter, CSP

Social-Media: “What’s So Darn Social About It?” with Peter Shankman

Add Sizzle to Your Marketing with Red Hot Copy with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrer

The Art of Pro Writing with William Nolan

Power Publishing with Alan Weiss, CMC, CSP, CPAE, FCMC

Catapult Yourself to the Best-Seller List with TJ Walker

Inside Secrets for Selling Your Book to Non-Bookstore Markets with Brian Jud

How to Successfully Publish Your Book with Jerry Simmons