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Trainers & Facilitators PEG Chair
Craig Freshley
Craig Freshley
(207) 729-5607
PEG Leadership Chair
Mike Schmidtmann
Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103
Michelle Reynolds
Nikki Harris
(480) 968-2552


January 2015: David Mastovich shares the 7 steps to creativity; PEGcast with Sarah Michel, CSP July 2014: What you need to know about gamificiation and how to stay organized while on the road

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November 2013: Training trends, managing challenging questions and training lessons from Schoolhouse Rock

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March 2013: Participant-centered learning, how to make training more fun and tips to give your webinar a WOW factor

October 2012: When to speak, when to train, when to facilitate and games speakers play


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Increase Your Visibility in the Training World with Dianna Booher, CSP, CPAE, MA

Training and Facilitating in a Cross-Generational Learning Environment with Bob Wendover, CSP

Graphic Recording with Kriss Whittmann

How to Be Heard Above The Noise: Branding Your Uniqueness with Dick Bruso

Integrating Coaching Into a Training Business Model with Marcia Reynolds, CSP, MCC

Make Your Training Relevant to Multigenerational Audiences with Abigail Dougherty

Growing Your Seminar/Workshop Business with a Business Plan with Yvonne Kinney-Hockert

Writing Persuasive Proposals to Get More Seminar/Workshop Business with Tom Sant

Transform Your Seminars and Workshops into Booklets for Marketing, Motivating and Making Money with Paulette Ensign