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Storytellers PEG Chair
Theresa French
Theresa French
(612) 356-2606
PEG Leadership Chair
Mike Schmidtmann
Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103
Michelle Reynolds
Michelle Reynolds
(480) 968-2552



June 2014: Bringing statistics to life through stories and turning prospects to client through storytelling

April 2014: The brain’s need for context and a PEGcast with LeAnn Thieman, CSP, CPAE

February 2014: Stories provide learning and growth

October 2013: If you can believe it, you can achieve it

July 2013: The quickest way to great PR and where to find great story ideas


Storytelling Do’s and Don’ts with Doug Stevenson

Starting with a Story with LeAnn Thieman, CSP, CPAE

Authenticity in Storytelling with Sam Silverstein, CSP

Add More Humor to Your Stories with Bill Stainton

Epic Telling with Odds Bodkin

Finding Great Stories in Your Everyday Life with Craig Harrison

Signature Story System with Bill Stainton

What Is Invisible Ink? with Brian McDonald

From Storyteller to Speaker with Kelly Swanson

From Laughter to Tears with Doug Stevenson

The Improvisational Storyteller with Kat Koppett

Stand Out From the Crowd with Karen Dietz

Edge of Their Seats Storytelling with Craig Valentine

See Me, Hear Me. What’s in a Story? with Michael Katz

Brain Storying with Scott Halford, CSP

Discovering, Developing, Deepening and Delivering the Dynamite Story with Max Dixon

Metaphors Be With You with Bill O’Hanlon

Anecdotes, Parables and the Power of Story with James Humes

Business Storytelling with Annette Simmons

How to Get the Story! with Robert Mayer Evans, CSP, CPAE, JD

Storytelling Secrets from the Pulpit with Kirk Waller

How Does Your Story Hook the Media? with Pam Lontos, CSP, MA

The Art of Storytelling with Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE

Boost Your Prospecting Success and New Story Techniques with Lori Silverman

Communicating on Two Legs with Doug Lipman

It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It with W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE

Message Telling with Doug Lipman

Creating Storytelling with Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE

How to Turn Your Story Into a Compelling Story with Francine Ward, JD

Live Animation with Marcia Reynolds, CSP, MCC

The Hero’s Journey with Grady Jim Robinson, CPAE

The Secret Language of Leadership with Steve Denning

Stepping Up From the Top with Max Dixon

Release the Actor Within with Doug Stevenson

Where to Find Good Stories & How to Make Them Memorable with Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE

Homegrown Humor with Craig Harrison

How to Be Funny (When You’re Not) with Kelly Swanson

Using Personal Stories with Corporate Clients with Susan Luke, CSP

Out of the Box with Karen Dietz