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Motivational/Keynote PEG Chair
Tamara Hamilton

Tamara Hamilton
(703) 300-8212

PEG Leadership Chair

Mike Schmidtmann

Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103

NSA Staff Liaison

Nikki Harris

Nikki Harris
(480) 968-2552


October 2014: Meet new PEG newsletter editor, Bart Timm; Interview with actor, singer and dancer Ben Vereen

July 2014: Top tips for speakers, three tips for newcomers to the big stage, and two mistakes motivational speakers make

March 2013: In memory of Zig Ziglar, CPAE

November 2012: I’m in charge, how a speaker can get on TV and 3 keynote killers


Interview with Michael Genet

What Motivates this Motivator? with Joachim de Posada, CSP

From Seed to Flower with Eleni Kelakos

Webinar: Making the Brand via Social Media with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Webinar: Using Today’s Technology to Build Your Business & Manage Your Brand with Gina Schreck, CSP

Webinar: Making Your Message Stick with Pamela Gordon

Essentials for Success in Speaking Today with Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE

Webinar: Focus, Brand, Keynote with Toni Newman

How to Prepare a Powerful Keynote Speech with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Relationship Intelligence with Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

Help Me Hire You with David Newman

Organize With Confidence with Elizabeth Hagen

Everything You Need to Know About Copywriting with Francine Ward, JD

How to Add $5K-$20K Each Month to Your Speaking/Coaching Business with Membership Programs with Kendall SummerHawk

How to Get On TV to Maximize Your Visibility and Marketability with Dr. Jeff Gardere

Growing Your Business Speaking On and Off the Platform with Marquesa Pettway, DTM

How I Went From Making 0 to 6 Figures in Under Two Years with Jim Mathis¸CSP, MDiv

The Glory’s In YOUR Story with Kelly Swanson

Guerrilla Publicity for Speakers with Jill Lublin

Stand Out Like a Rock Star! with Robin Creasman

How to Successfully Promote Your Own Seminars with Jenny Hamby

Misbeliefs, Mistakes and Misadventures in Marketing with Shannon Heggem

Motivating the Motivators with Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, CPAE