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Susan Fitzell, MEd, CSP
(603) 625-6087

PEG Leadership Chair

Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103

NSA Staff Liaison

Nikki Harris
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February 2015: A three-step process for growing your contact list; how to choose a youth speaker

December 2014: Tips on how to connect with youth audiences; How to spend your marketing dollars wisely; Getting your office and your team organized.

September 2014: Five success strategies for thriving in the education market, eight ideas for making a great impression before your program even starts.

April 2014: Solutions to challenges in the Education Market, speaking in the college market and building outrageously successful relationships at home and work

December 2013: 10 tips to save your voice, getting booked without meeting planners and 7 winning techniques to give teachers practical skills they can use tomorrow


Understanding Self-Promotion with Robert Siciliano

Great Marketing Secrets for the Education Speaker with Tom Antion

Get Booked Without Meeting Planners with Dr. Jane Bluestein