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Leadership Information

Diversity PEG Chair

Carole Copeland Thomas, MBA
(508) 947-5755

PEG Leadership Chair

Mike Schmidtmann
(703) 408-9103

NSA Staff Liaison

Nikki Harris
(480) 968-2552


January 2015: Tips on how to connect with youth audiences; How to spend your marketing dollars wisely; Getting your office and your team organized

December 2013: Lead with diversity, building the business case for diversity in the workplace and furthering diversity efforts

July 2013: Facilitating diversity conversations when the stakes are high, take your diversity skills to the next level and words to use that embrace a wider audience

April 2013: Compelling storytelling and the diversity of ways you can market diversity

February 2013: Political openness, bring business enterprise to your business

October 2012: Introducing a new look for NSA’s PEGs!


Improve Your Speaking Savvy in a Diverse Marketplace with Terry Singleton, Carlos Conejo and Julia So, PhD

Interview with Capiz Greene

Diversity, Inclusion and Our Communities: How We Can Make a Real Difference with Stephanie Walker

Intercultural Intelligence: Diversity Around the World with Gustav Gous, CSP

An Interview with the Publisher of Teachers of Color Magazine with Preston Edwards

LGBT Workplace Opportunities and Challenges: What You Can Do to Further Effective Discussion with Gary Palmer

Building a Scorecard: Accountability, Metrics and Senior-Level Support with Redia Anderson

Understanding Asian and Asian American Cultures with Michael Soon Lee, CSP, MBA

Where Do White Guys Fit in the Diversity Picture? with Pegine Echevarria, CSP, MSW

How to Help Immigrants to Learn English Outside the Classroom with Chez Raginiak

A Breakthrough Mentality Creates a Breakthrough Life! with Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, CSP

Global Inclusion and Diversity – A Perspective from Down Under: Are Clients in Europe and the APAC Region Recession-Proof? with Heather Price

Diversity Best Practices: The Diversity Challenge with Helen Turnbull, PhD