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Leadership Information

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Steve Lishansky
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PEG Leadership Chair

Mike Schmidtmann
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NSA Staff Liaison

Nikki Harris
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May 2014: Keys to success with TED-style talks, teleseminars


2012 Newsmakers and How They Might Have Benefitted From a Business Coach with Meridith Elliot Powell, Kristy Rogers and Lauran Star

What It Takes to Seal the Deal with Suzi Pomerantz

A Developmental Approach to Coaching with Barbara Braham

Masterful Coaching with Steve Lishansky

Launching and Leading Group Coaching Programs with Mary Allen

Coaching Models, Techniques and Methodologies with Katharine Halpin, CPA, MCC, D. Mendenhall, and I. Dressner

Talking Yourself to the Top with Laura Berman Fortgang

Growing Your Coaching Practice by Growing Yourself with Katharine Halpin

Building Your Business through Authenticity with Laura Lopez

Marketing Your Coaching Business with Marcia Reynolds

What Would You Do This Year If You Had No Fear? with Jana Stanfield

Building Coaching Services to Enhance Your Offerings with Ann Johnston

Successful Coaching Through Clear Working Agreements with Philip Cohen

The Art of Enrollment with Keith Rosen

Case Studies with Heart with Gail Martin

Grow Your Business by Getting Reporters to Eat Out of Your Hand with Lorri Allen

Help Me Hire YOU! with David Newman

Life Balance and Well-Being with Vikki Brock

Secrets of the Million-Dollar Coach with Randy Gage

Positively Brilliant with Peter Reding

How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It with Kendall SummerHawk

International Coaching with Marilena Beuses

Coaching From the Inside Out – Part 1 with Patrick Williams

Coaching From the Inside Out – Part 2 with Patrick Williams

Building a Business You Can Sell with Aldonna Ambler