Meet NSA’s New CEO Mary Lue Peck!


NSA announced our new CEO Mary Lue Peck on Dec. 2, who the board selected by unanimous decision. Mary Lue will begin her first day on Jan. 2, 2018. Winter Conference 2018: The Future of Speaking attendees will get a chance to meet her, but you don't have to wait until then to learn more about her!

NSA: What are you looking forward to the most working with NSA?
Mary Lue Peck: I’m looking forward to getting to know the membership and the staff and immerse myself into the community. I want to be able to deliver value for members and attract and engage more Millennials and Generation Z young professionals. I can’t wait to start meeting members at Winter Conference!

NSA: Tell us about your background. Where are you working now and what do you do there?
MLP: I’m the Chief Content & Engagement Officer at Institute for Supply Management, an association for people in purchasing and supply management. I’m responsible for all products – including our Report On Business, Certification, Training, Conferences & Publications, from ideation to development to go to market.

NSA: What are some of your biggest accomplishments at ISM?
MLP: For the past five years, I’ve been deeply involved in taking the organization through a pivotal shift to transform the culture. Through these efforts, we have:

  • Launched new offerings to add value for our members, such as a corporate membership program, competency model and programs to engage Millennials.
  • Reinvigorated and repositioned our current offerings to ensure alignment with our members and their needs, including certification, conferences and online learning.
  • Accelerated profitability with a focus on operational excellence to free up funds to invest in our people, technology and offerings.

NSA: What are you bringing to the NSA Team?
MLP: My goals are to get to know our members, grow and diversify revenue streams with focused products and a strategic marketing approach, accelerate profitability through operational excellence and increase engagement with our members.

NSA: Is there anything you would like to say to the members right now?
MLP: I’m really excited and enthusiastic about what NSA does and I’m honored to be leading the association. At its core, NSA helps its members do what they love for a living: to educate and inspire others. The ripple effect of NSA’s members is awe-inspiring. Our members are out there changing the world and inspiring the next big innovators. Being part of this movement—whether a member, staff member, volunteer—is something to take pride in.

NSA: What’s one thing members may be surprised to learn about you?
MLP: I have an unhealthy love of Pixar movies. My favorite is…well, who could pick a favorite, they’re all great!

Are you looking to learn more about Mary Lue? Check out the January issue of Speaker Magazine to read more. You can hear about the hiring process in this video from NSA President Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE. 

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  1. Mary we are excited you are on board. It looks like you bring great skills and gifts to our association.
    Thank you for accepting the opportunity. It will be great to meet you.

    Thom Winninger, CPAE, Past NSA President, Founding Member of the NSA Building, Member since 1977

  2. Hello Mary Lue, “Goodby Heart”, sorry but I’m a part time rock and roll singer when I’m not speaking. Couldn’t resist that Ricky Nelson reference.
    Welcome to NSA. I joined in 1976, served as president in 1988-89, and have chaired all the committees and events during my journey. It is exciting to see you join our family and help advance our profession. I like everything I’ve heard and read about you.
    My friend Franklin Cofod, is a former Pixar employee and he helped create some of the movies you love. He’s the guy who created Voltron, Defender of the Universe. I just got back from a mountain hike with him this morning in Westlake Village, CA. Small world.
    In NSA my most notable contribution has been as creator of the Professional Competencies. I spent five years developing the framework and documenting all our educational archives and touch points of educational delivery. The eight competencies cover all of the varied education that NSA does or should offer and we now express them in four “E” word categories: Eloquence, Enterprise, Expertise and Ethics. I’m excited to see that the competencies were part of your previous responsibilities. Plenty of back stories available on all of this and as a very early NSA member I can help you discover the roots of many of our policies and priorities. I have no agenda to sell nor position or award to seek so I’ll be happy to just chat with you about how NSA became what it is and what seems to matter most in continuing to advance our craft.
    Most of all, just know that there are thousands of us out here who are eager to meet you and willing to follow your lead.
    Merry Christmas and welcome, welcome, welcome.

  3. Welcome Mary Lue!

    We’re excited to have your leadership take us into the future. Our mantra for this year at NSA Central Florida is “Welcome home.” So welcome home to NSA.

  4. As the last person to book Cavett Robert I invite you to see him on several YouTube videos.
    I have chosen Cavett as my ‘surrogate dad’

    Welcome from Joe Sabah, co-founder of NSA Colorado.

  5. Dear Mary Lue!
    As a highly “professional” speaker, I want you know that I screamed and did a happy dance knowing that you had been chosen as our new leader! Thank you already!!!!

    Just a little excited,

    Colleen Sweeney

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