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Earning your CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) is a big achievement. Why stop there? The more we educate others on the value of the CSP the more value it will have. We work in so many industries so it is up to each of us to increase the CSP designation’s perceived value in our market place.

If you did not attend the Leveraging Your CSP™ session at Influence 2017 then this may be new information to you. If you did attend here are some takeaways.

New Brand Message

Many CSPs have a description on their website that is out of date. Here is the new brand standard messaging with up-to-date data. We encourage you to use this and change the description on your website and marketing materials so we are consistently communicating the same brand message.

Remember, the CSP designation is trademarked. Any use of “CSP” in correspondence, collateral materials and social media outlets should include the trademark symbol. Here is an example of how it should look:   

CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional)

When using the CSP designation please follow our brand standards by capitalizing all letters - CSP. 



During the CSP session at Influence 2017 we brainstormed various ways CSPs promote their CSP designation. How many are you using?

  • CSP on all materials, marketing materials, website header, printed materials; use everywhere
  • CSP logo on back of business card
  • Use CSP in email signature
  • Put CSP in proposals with brief description of what the designation is
  • Use CSP logo with a link to new brand message “What is a CSP™?”
  • Create a CSP tab on your website and use new description
  • Do webinars with your CSP medal prominently displayed in the background
  • Offer a brief explanation of what the CSP means in your introduction before your speech
  • Include your CSP designation and/or logo on your social media sties
  • Include your CSP designation in your online bios
  • Announce earning your CSP on social media
  • Have a recurring tweet “Ask me about my CSP”
  • Educate meeting planners/clients about the value of hiring a CSP
  • Include #CSPSpeaker in all your social media posts

CSP Social Media Outlets

If you have not already done so, you are cordially invited to join the social media outlets specifically for CSPs. Here you can post links, share news, start discussions and ask questions—all archived for future reference. These groups are private, and every request to join is reviewed to ensure the member is a current CSP. 

LinkedIn Group – CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional)

Facebook Group – NSA CSPs (Certified Speaking Professionals)

If you have any questions about your CSP designation, contact CSP Staff Liaison Sarah Best.


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  1. Thanks for sending this. I’ve been asking for years about a CSP lapel pin. I wear the NSA microphone pin every time I speak, and it’s a conversation starter. When are we going to get a CSP lapel pin to show off our CSP status, and so people will ask about it?

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