Laughter Week 2018

Join in the fun! NSA community group LaughNSA is hosting a week full of unity, humor tips, and fun—all based around laughter in January and they want you to get in on the fun too!

During the week of Jan. 8-12, 2018, you can use the hashtag #LaughterWeekNSA to join on the different theme each day:

  • Monday: Advice. What is the best advice you have or have heard for humor?
  • Tuesday: Why laughter rocks. Describe the feeling you get when you make an audience laugh.
  • Wednesday: Behind the scenes. Share an embarrassing moment, or a tragedy plus time you've experience in your travels or on stage.
  • Thursday: Classic Joke Day. Give us your best worst joke
  • Friday: Unity Day. Give a shout out to someone who has helped you in your career, cheer someone on, offer an NSA member support with words of kindness and confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about Laughter Week or become a volunteer, contact LaughNSA leader Karen Eddington at

Are you a leader of a community group and want to share what's happening in your group with the NSA membership?

Contact Nikki Harris, Communications Specialist, at to learn more.

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