CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional)™

Be Recognized at the Highest Level: Get Certified

There are countless speakers on the market vying for the same engagements as you, but you know that you have a powerful message that resonates with your audience. How can you show your clients that you're not just another speaker trying to get on stage, but a speaking professional who wants to help audiences face their biggest challenges?

By earning your CSP designation, you can prove to meeting professionals that you are among the top echelon of professional speakers who have earned this international designation that only about 17 percent of NSA members worldwide have earned.

With this designation, meeting professionals looking to work with the best speakers will see your commitment to the profession and know you have top-notch speaking ability with a track record of professionalism and success.

Become a member of the CSP Class of 2020

Before you apply for your CSP, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

1) Be a member of NSA or any of the GSF associations for a minimum of one continuous year. You cannot have a gap in your membership status.

2) Have proof of attendance of one NSA/GSF association convention within the last 10 years. (For NSA events, your NSA database record will substantiate.)

3) You must have attended, or listened to, the audio recordings of the three required CSP educational sessions: How to Earn Your CSP, Professional Competencies, and Business Ethics presented by CSP Committee members. The recordings are available for purchase and viewing online here.

The applications will be available September 4 (12:00pm PDT) until January 13. Follow the steps below to apply.

Step 1 | Online Application
Fill out the online application, which will be available here on Sept. 4 at 12:00pm PDT.

Step 2 | Documentation
Fill out your presentation spreadsheet documenting a minimum of 250 paid presentations.

Please note that this is a long process. While 250 paid presentations is the minimum required, providing more is typically better.

Presentations can be discarded from the list as non-qualifying (see page 4 of the How to Earn your CSP document to learn more about qualifying presentations). Your spreadsheet must also demonstrate that for five of the past 10 years, you earned a minimum of $50,000 for your speaking engagements.

Step 3 | Payment
An invoice of $375 will be added to your NSA account within three business days of submitting your application form, or you can call NSA HQ at 480-968-2552 to make a payment. You will need to pay this invoice before we begin reviewing your application and documents.

Once you have submitted all of your documents and paid the administrative fee, the certification process happens in the following three phases, which you can learn more about on page sevent of the How to Earn Your CSP document.

Phase I
Initial Review is administrative. It ensures the applicant is in good standing with NSA, membership has been continuous, professional education requirements have been met, and documentation on the presentation spreadsheet satisfies the presentation count and income requirements.

Phase II
Client Evaluations gathers performance feedback from the applicant’s clients.

Phase III
Video Review ensures speaking excellence. Your video is reviewed by four CSPs.

Application Resources:

Renewing Your CSP Designation

Renewal Credits

  • Renew every five (5) years
  • Earn 24 NSA and/or Global Speakers Federation (GSF) education credits in each five-year renewal period
  • $200 Administrative fee
  • Membership in NSA and/or GSF member associations must be continuous
Lifetime CSP

Lifetime CSP status is available for speakers age 60 and older who have renewed their CSP designation at least once and continue to maintain NSA/GSF membership without interruption.

For questions about CSP or to submit documents, please email certification@NSASpeaker.org.

The 2018 CSP online portion of the application process will be available after September 1, 2017.