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Welcome! Thank you for volunteering your time to be an NSA Chapter leader. We recognize that taking on a Chapter leadership position is a big commitment, and we appreciate the work you are doing to strengthen the NSA community. Click through the links above to find documents, recordings and templates that other Chapter leaders have found useful.

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Chapter Leadership Committee


The NSA Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC) began in the early 1990s and successfully serves as a link between the Chapters and NSA. The CLC Coaches are ready, willing and able resources to Chapters and their leaders.

Functions of the CLC

  • To act as a pool of experts available to Chapter leadership throughout the country, especially to the Chapter Presidents-Elect.
  • To partner with the Chapter Relations Manager to create practical leadership programming for NSA Chapters including the annual Chapter Leadership Institute (formerly Camp NSA), Chapter Leadership training at the NSA Convention and ongoing professional development.
  • To help keep the NSA Chapter Relations Manager informed of Chapter issues.

CLC Leadership, Term and Composition

The Chair provides leadership and direction to the CLC. The NSA Vice President appoints the CLC Vice Chair for a three-year term beginning when the NSA Vice President becomes President-Elect (3-year term: Vice Chair, Chair, Immediate Past Chair [advisor to the CLC]).

The committee consists of approximately 12 (twelve) to 20 (twenty) Chapter Coaches serving on a regional basis as the current needs demand, and as determined by CLC leadership in consultation with NSA staff. Each Coach will serve a two-year term, said term starting at the NSA Convention. Coaches are selected from a pool of past Chapter Presidents, are required to attend the annual Chapter Leadership Institute and the Chapter Leadership session at the annual NSA Convention, and serve at their own expense.

Optimal Candidate Selection Process Timeline

Each year, the Vice Chair, as Chair of the CLC Nominating Committee, together with the other members of the Nominating Committee will set up an appropriate timeline for the identification, application, interview and selection of Coaches. This timeline ensures the availability of those selected Coaches to attend both Chapter Leadership at the NSA Convention prior to their taking office, and the annual Chapter Leadership Institute.

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Chapter Academy

Chapters Speakers Academy

The goal of the academy at both chapter and national levels is to propel a speaker from the beginning stages to a success professional business.The beauty of the Chapter Academy is one-on-one interaction and the intensity of having a mentor to walk you through your own unique experience. The advantage of the National Academy is a rich hub of business information available 24/7, ten virtual events per year, and access to two live events per year.