Certification FAQ

2019 Application Process for CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) Certification

1. What years are eligible for the CSP® application process in 2019?

Eligible years include 2009 through the end of 2018. Presentations delivered during this time-frame may be included on your application.

2. If I submit my application and find out that my information was incomplete, will I still have a chance to re-submit my application?

No. Once your application has been submitted with payment, it is considered final. All data must be filled in correctly and completely at that time. There are a large number of candidates going through the CSP application process and this is necessary to be fair to all applicants. Please allow time to get all your questions answered prior to your final submission.

3. May I document the presentations I delivered prior to becoming a member of NSA (or my home association)?

Yes. You may document presentations you delivered prior to becoming a member of NSA (or your home association) as long as those presentations took place in the past 10 years. See Question 1 for eligible years.

4. What is the minimum number of attendees/audience members to have a presentation count?

The minimum number of attendees for both live presentations and live webinars or tele-seminars is fifteen (15) people. Up to 25% of your total qualifying presentations can be to an audience of less than 15, with a minimum of 3 attendees.

5. Does my weekly radio show count towards the CSP if it is live?

No. The CSP designation is intended to be earned through documented success with professional speaking. We have broadened the definition of a speech to include virtual events (e.g., paid live webinars and live SKYPE presentations to live audiences). But the intent is still for the designation to represent expertise and success with live speeches. While we understand a broadcast journalist or TV/ radio host or commentator doing an interview show is indeed using the spoken word to provide value and make money, a common sense interpretation of what a speech is cannot be applied to it.

6. Can speaking at an NSA chapter where I’ve sold product count?

Yes. As long as there were at least fifteen (15) people in the audience* and you’ve documented same day sales, it will count. If people ordered product at a later date, even the next day, that income would not count. *Up to 25% of your total qualifying presentations can be to an audience of less than 15, with a minimum of 3 attendees.

7. If I have enough income to qualify, do I still have to submit 250 presentations?

Yes. Two hundred and fifty (250) qualifying presentations are required. All presentations must be fee paid and/or have same day product sales to be eligible. All presentations must be consistent with your usual fee to be counted. They can be spread out over the past 10 years. However, you still need to demonstrate earnings of $50,000 per year for at least five out of the ten years. Also please note that the years do NOT have to be consecutive.

8. Does my work as a salaried employee who delivers live presentations as part of my scope of work qualify towards presentations done for purposes of the CSP application?

Yes. It is now possible for a salaried employee to earn the CSP designation by having a portion of his/her income “count.” So, your work could qualify.

Salaried applicants are to align the percentage of their salary to the percentage of their position dedicated to live-time presenting. For example, an in-company trainer gets paid $60,000. His or her core job description consists of developing curriculum, facilitating, and training. So, a third of their salary could be applied as fee compensation for their live presentations.

Using the example above, if you get paid $60,000 in your salaried position and a 1/3 of your job is spent giving live presentations, then $20,000 of your salary can be allotted to showing a fee paid for those live presentations you delivered as part of your salaried position. If you delivered 50 presentations in a calendar year as part of your salaried position, you would divide that total number of presentations into the $20,000 to show that each presentation had a fee paid value of $400.

Salaried applicants must provide a verification letter from their employer(s) to substantiate percentage of time in their position dedicated to live presenting, as well as their annual income for the years used on their application.

If your salary/compensation model is unique, you should submit your business model in advance of application and request a review and a ruling by the CSP Committee.

9. In addition to my speaking business, I am contracted by a college to teach a certain number of classes per semester. Can this work done as an adjunct professor count towards application for the CSP?

Yes. This would be similar to a staff or employee scenario. The applicant would take their fee (i.e., what they are getting paid to DELIVER the classes… not develop them) and divide it by the number of classes they gave in that quarter or semester.

10. How important is my video?

It is extremely important. It does not have to be a high quality video as it pertains to the production of the video. You will be judged on your speaking and not the video itself. However, it must accurately represent your expertise and eloquence as a professional speaker so choose your submission wisely. It also doesn’t have to be a keynote presentation; you can submit a training session or seminar as long as it represents your best work. You have the option to select two current CSP reviewers and NSA will assign an additional two current CSP reviewers. Your four-person panel will be basing their evaluations on your video presentation that you submit unless they have the opportunity to see you speak live. All evaluations are strictly confidential.

11. Can my assistant help me fill out the application?

Yes. Your assistant can help you fill out the application. However, it is important to note that the CSP applicant is fully responsible for making sure all data are correctly and completely filled out. The CSP applicant bears full responsibility for the application submission. The applicant will need to initial each requirement for the CSP Application Checklist. The applicant is also responsible for checking the website for updates and/or changes to the application process prior to submission.

Helpful Hints

  1. Before applying, please make sure you have been a member in good standing for 12 continuous months. Your application will not move forward in the process if this qualification has not been met prior to submission.
  2. Check the website for updates to the application process.
  3. Apply early if possible. All applications must be received by 11:59pm Pacific time, Monday January 14, 2019.
  4. Get your questions or anything you are unsure about answered before making your final submission and payment.
  5. Make sure that all fields are correctly, and completely, filled out on the spreadsheet.
  6. Put your information in chronological date order, beginning with the oldest presentation and ending with the most recent presentation.
  7. Keep in mind that the clients asked to complete the online evaluation of the applicant must correspond to those presentations documented on the presentation spreadsheet.
  8. You must document at least 20 client contacts who would be willing to complete the online evaluation of you and your work. However, it is best to submit more than that in case some do not come back on time.
  9. Be sure that you have all the income documented correctly for each year and for each speech (i.e., a minimum of $50,000 per year for five of the ten years). GSF applicants please contact Jean Beck.
  10. Applicants must attend one national annual event (e.g., NSA or GSF) before applying.
  11. When documenting your presentations, it is wise to submit more than 250 presentations if possible in the event some of the presentations cannot be verified.
  12. It is wise to submit more than the $50,000 per year if possible in the event some of the presentations cannot be verified.

Start the process to earn your CSP for 2019 submission.