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Hi, this is Karen Cortell Reisman, MS, and I have the privilege of chairing the Cavett Institute at Influence 2018 on Friday, July 13, in Dallas. This program is designed for aspiring speakers and is a core component of the Academy for Professional Speaking.

I'm writing to you with a request. At last year’s Cavett Institute I saw our “standing room only” crowd of aspiring speakers choose from a variety of books and tapes that had been donated by NSA members as door prizes. I know that many folks got a great deal out of seeing the products that NSA members had created. 

Over the years we've established this tradition at the Cavett Institute. As new speakers (and potential new members), the attendees will be extremely appreciative to win something donated by a successful speaker. Ideally, I'm hoping to get enough products donated so that every participant can leave the event with at least one prize. If you have a product of any kind and would be willing to donate one or two items, it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for books, workbooks, CDs, DVDs - any kind of tangible product. The only thing I'm not looking for is coaching sessions.

NOTE: this is not an opportunity to forge a new relationship with someone to purchase your $1,999 system that you've reduced to $299! This is truly a "Spirit of Cavett" moment in which we are providing something of value to new and emerging speakers.

We have done this for the last several years and it has been a tremendous success! If you're willing to help us out, please send one or two copies of your product by May 12 to: 

National Speakers Association 
Attention: Jean Beck 
1500 South Priest Drive 
Tempe, AZ 85281 

Please include a few of your business cards so that we can make sure to include a card with each of your products. The recipient will be encouraged to contact you with a note of gratitude. 

In the Spirit of Cavett,


Karen Cortell Reisman, MS
Academy Chair, Cavett Institute 2018

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