Community Groups

Whenever NSA members get together, ideas are sparked and things happen! Here are a few of the community groups that have formed at NSA. Take a look at one of the newest ways to participate in your Association and add value to your NSA membership.

To start a community group, contact Nikki Harris, Sr. Associate, Member Engagement, at
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Bankers Speaking Network

A networking group for NSA members who provide services to banks, credit unions and/or their associations. We are consultants, trainers, keynoters and bank directors. We network for referrals and collaboration.
Contact: Linda Keith, CPA, CSP;

Black NSA

Open to those who are seeking to explore topics of interest concerning speakers of color with specific focus on black speakers.
Contact: Marquesa Pettway, CSP;
Facebook Group: BlackNSA

CRM and Marketing Automation

Contact: Jeff Korhan, MBA;

Empire Builders

We share information about every aspect of the online marketing world. Sample topics include: website design, lead generation, online video, webinars, shopping carts, social media marketing and selling online. Join our Facebook group to join the conversation.
Contact: Patrick Allmond;
Facebook Group: Empire Builders

NSA Healthcare Speakers

Healthcare clinicians who speak, and speakers who work with healthcare audiences (hospitals, health systems, related associations and corporations), are welcome.
Contact: Joe Mull;
Facebook Group: NSA Healthcare Speakers


We connect and share resources on laughter. No matter if you call yourself a humorist, a comedian, or a speaker who wants to be funnier, you are welcome here. We want this to be a high quality and easy way for members of the National Speakers Association to get resources, energy, and ideas specific to laughter.
Contact: Karen Eddington;
Facebook Group: LaughNSA

MAC Speakers

Are you a lover of all things Apple? Get involved with the MAC Speakers group to learn more about your favorite computer brand.
Contact: Sierra Modro, CSP;

Best Selling Business Authors

This is a community group of professional speakers who are book authors or soon to be authors. The group will meet to share, learn and cheer. Topics will range on ideas, promotion, partners and processes. The purpose is to propel your business and topics to a bigger level of success. The purpose of this group is to collaborate and network in a positive space.
Contact: Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE;
Facebook Group: Best Selling Business Authors

NSA Bloggers “Birds of a Feather”

An open forum for anyone currently blogging or considering a blog.
Contact: Rebecca Morgan, CSP;

NSA Military Speakers Network

As a military veteran, you know what it’s like to be part of a high-performing team. As a speaker, you know how to leverage the discipline and dedication you learned in the military to grow your speaking business. The NSA Military Speakers Network is a place to connect with other veterans who speak on a variety of topics.
Contact: Shawn Rhodes;

NSA Musicians

Bring your instrument of choice and get ready to have some fun jamming with other NSA musicians!
Contact: Alan Berg, CSP;

NSA Nurses

Open to all nurses – RNs, NPs, LPNs, LVNs – for networking, support, brainstorming and cross-promotion.
Contact: Pat Iyer,

Business Podcasts & Radio Hosts

This is community group for speaking professionals who presently host or want to host podcasts. The forum is an opportunity for you to join a group of like-minded people to collaborate, compare and chat. The conversation is meant to be positive and insightful.
Contact: Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE;
Facebook Group: Business Podcast & Radio Hosts

NSA Prayer Team

Open to anyone wishing to pray in a group setting during NSA meetings.
Contact: Andy Neillie, CSP;

NSA Social Media Partners

This group is for members of the National Speakers Association and GSF members who want to build their business and have chosen social media marketing as one of their primary channels.
Contact: Gina Carr;
Facebook Group: NSA Social Media Partners #nsasmp


NSA XY is a peer networking group dedicated to serving the needs of NSA members born 1963 or later. In the Spirit of NSA, the mission of NSA XY is to create a space where members feel connected, find relevant information and remain committed to the association. In 2007, a small group of NSA XY speakers began informal meetings during national events. Since 2010, informal “meet ups” have been hosted outside of national events at various locations. The group has a strong virtual connection in a vibrant closed Facebook group (limited to members born 1963 or later) and in bi-monthly Google Hangouts On Air which are open to all members of NSA, regardless of age.
Contact: Eliz Greene;
Facebook Group: NSA XY

Power Women of NSA

This group is designed to serve women in the business of professional speaking. It is a place to share resources and ask questions that are helpful and related to the speaking business. Women who are professional members of NSA or a GSF-affiliated association are welcome.
Contact: Elizabeth McCormick;
Facebook Group: Power Women of NSA

NSA Rainbow Speakers

For members of the National Speakers Association that identify as allies and/or members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. We resolve to: provide social connections, a sense of family; provide a welcoming place in NSA for LGBT members; publicize LGBT issues and events.
Contact: Robbie Samuels;
Facebook Group: NSA Rainbow Speakers Community Group

Speaking Eagles

Aviators who speak and speakers who address aviation groups are eligible.
Contact: Howard Putnam, CSP, CPAE;

Sports Celebrity Speakers

Created for celebrity athletes to connect at Influence (NSA’s annual convention).
Contact: Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP —

Touched by Cancer

Contact: Kevin O’Connor, CSP;