Virtual Warmup

Feb 10, 2021 | 1:00pm EST

Over the course of Winter Workshop 2021, you’ll be learning all about going Beyond the Keynote.

Diversifying, productizing, and scaling.

But here’s the thing about diversifying: your systems get more complex with every offer you create.

Guess what happens next?

The product doesn’t sell. Because you can’t market it, you can’t keep track of it, you can’t use data to make improvements in your business.

If you’re on a warpath to scale your expert-based business beyond the keynote, you’ll need the systems to support you.

Join us for 60-minutes as we unpack the different systems you’ll want to think about when adding and scaling the offerings to your business.

We’ll talk about coaching, consulting, digital products, memberships, and more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for an inside look at the systems of million-dollar, expert-based businesses, and learn to replicate them without spending a fortune.


Taylorr Payne is the CEO and Co-Founder of SpeakerFlow, a software and coaching company that helps experts master the business aspects of thought leadership.

An award-winning marketer and sales professional, Taylorr’s goal is to share how business owners can use data to streamline their revenue channels and, in doing so, sell more, serve better, and save time.

When not at his desk or a speaking industry event, you can find Taylorr in Minnesota, working on his latest automotive project or spending time with his wife and two dogs.