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If you’re relying on speaking alone to drive your revenue, you’re missing out on 70-80 percent of the potential income that your expertise could (and should) be generating for you. 

It’s no longer enough just to be a professional speaker – in order to succeed in today’s industry, now we have to be professional thinkers and professional problem solvers.

If you want to ramp up your revenue from not only speaking, but also training, coaching, and consulting, this one-time pre-conference masterclass is for you.

In 2002, David Newman left a six-figure corporate consulting job to launch his entrepreneurial speaking and coaching career. The first three years were a total train wreck – no focus, no niche, no list, no followers, no sales ability, no clue. After three years of trying to figure it out, slowly, success came. Then mentors appeared. Then David took an assignment as a conference producer and meeting planner. Everything changed when he saw the speaking and expert industry from the buyer’s side of the table. 

Having mastered speaking, coaching, training, consulting, building online courses, and high-fee mentoring and mastermind programs, David will unlock the secrets to dialing in your business model, revenue model, and speaking model to match your income goals.

This special one-time only Masterclass deep dive is an absolute must if you want to:

– Discover exactly what to say and do to win more business more easily and more often
– Identify the exact type of clients you want to serve and how to find them
– Decide on your perfect mix of visibility and credibility strategies
– Customize your high trust, high value marketing tactics to boost your influence, impact, and income
– Get laser-focused on how to invest your time, effort, and energy
– Position your company as the field standard
– Crisply articulate how your services and programs help your clients

David will share proven, expert strategies, tactics, and tools to help you accelerate your success in your thought leadership business.

Comprehensive handouts, digital courses, and books will be provided to each participant. This masterclass also includes 30 days of intensive followup coaching and accountability to help you implement and get results.