Winter Conference 2018: The Future of Speaking

February 16-18 | Baltimore, MD




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Why you should attend The Future of Speaking…

To See. To Predict. To Imagine.

Be immersed in new presentation formats

We are not in a 60-90 minute keynote world anymore. In the future, presentations are short, value-packed, interactive, and will engage you and your audience.

Learn from the meeting industry

The people who buy speaker speakers, what they’re looking for, what they are NOT looking for, and how to be hired without being in the room. You will learn directly from the meeting professionals who determine our market now and will do so in the future.

Get things done

Do you want to leave Winter Conference having checked something off your to-do list? Then grab your notebook and don’t miss attending one of our hands-on labs.

The future is scary

The future is exciting! Great things are coming for our profession, but it can also feel scary. Learn how to protect yourself, your clients, and your family in the confusing new jungle of cyber security.

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Sylvie di Giusto
Winter Conference 2018 Chair

Barry Banther, CSP

Ben Wolff
Winter Conference 2018 Chair


"Attending the Winter Conference has allowed me to connect one-on-one with some of the most successful members of NSA - and those conversations have helped me grow my business every time! The sessions tend to be immediately actionable and often the person leading the session is on-hand to help. And finally, dancing in the Winter Conference videos is so much FUN!" -Tami Evans
"How could I miss NSA’s Winter Conference – or any major conference that NSA produces?! They provide me the education and insight I need to stay relevant and on the cutting-edge of the speaking industry."
-Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

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