Behind the Scenes: Video Intensive

April 12 – 14, 2019 | Renaissance Atlanta Midtown | Atlanta, GA

General Sessions

So What if Your Mom Likes it?

An Eye-Opening Panel Discussion on Preview Videos

Facilitated by Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE

Okay, so your mom likes it, but is your preview video resonating with the people who will actually hire you? The most valuable weapon you have in your promotional arsenal is your preview video. An effective one will keep you knee-deep in speaking opportunities. An ineffective video will generate a lot of “we’ve decided to go in another direction” responses. It’s simply too important to leave up to chance. To unravel the mystery, we’ve assembled a panel of experts and buyers who make that decision largely based upon preview videos. This is the ONLY place you’ll hear the unvarnished truth about what it takes to get noticed, rise above the pack, and get booked from a panel consisting of corporate and association meeting planners, a top speaker bureau agent, and an acclaimed speaker video producer.


Videology for Speakers: You Don't Have to Be Spielberg, Streep, or Cronkite to Make Millions in Video Revenue

Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE

Chad Hymas has sustained a seven-figure video business for the last nine years. In this session, Chad will show you how he creates an income revenue stream larger than his keynote revenue stream by utilizing simplified video techniques. There are no “lights, expensive cameras and overrated action“ needed to provide valuable content for your clients today! Learn how Chad sells his video program to each and every client that hires him to speak. Chad will share how he finds his weekly video content he sends his clients so you can see how simple it is to begin a video business on your own. Chad's secret sauce is: simplify, simplify, simplify! Chad is one of the youngest ever to receive the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) and to be inducted into the prestigious National Speaker Hall of Fame.

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How To Use Snackable Branding To Becoming A Subject Matter Authority Virtually Overnight

Greg Rollett

In this keynote session, Emmy® Award Winning Producer and video marketing expert, Greg Rollett, will share how he is helping speakers, authors, and business owners create short, bite-sized, snackable videos that are easy to create AND build your branding authority on the things you want to be known for. In this hands on session, Greg will help you determine exactly what topics you should be filming your videos on and how to outline your videos so you know exactly what to say. Greg will share where to distribute your videos so your perfect audience can find them, watch them, and connect with you!

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Crushing It On Camera: How to Come Alive when the Little Red Light Goes On

Ross Shafer, CPAE

If you are struggling with "how to find your unique voice” Ross will coach you about branding your personality and creating a stand out video library. You will leave with a mountain of tactical information on how to use videos to book more speeches - and make more money consulting. If you want to know how to hook a potential client (in a vast field of competitors), Ross will show you how to produce a quick and custom message that helps the decision makers choose YOU. Don’t miss this invaluable session from a multiple Emmy winning network TV host (ABC, NBC, USA, CBS), and one of the most entertaining and successful CPAE’s you will ever hear.

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Uncovering the Real Science Behind Your YouTube Strategy

Steve Spangler, CSP, CPAE

The gravity of YouTube is greater than any force a professional speaker will experience today. The perpetual drive to create and share new content is so enormous that some speakers collapse under the pressure. In this session, Steve Spangler pulls back the curtain on his YouTube celebrity and reveals the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to building his YouTube presence. You’ll discover how to: Increase viewer retention time by making three simple changes to your videos; Develop a multi-channel approach to sharing and branding your content; Understand the difference between the YouTube universe and your audience; Avoid a nervous breakdown by knowing when to stop feeding the beast. With a YouTube catalog of 1,800 videos and a tribe of nearly 1.2 million subscribers across three channels, Spangler will share his insights to help you harness the power of YouTube.

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Up Close & Personal Professional

Live Q&A and Hands-On Practice with Industry Experts

Facilitated by Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE

In this one-hour, in-depth Q&A session, the experts are placed in various locations throughout the meeting space prepared to field your questions and show you the ‘how to’ behind your ‘want to.’ You’ll select the one topic that you want to master the most, and spend an hour inside the brain of the guru that will fill your cup and send you to the closing session with an illuminated mission and a personalized game plan!



Breakout Sessions

YOUR FIRST 1,000,000 VIEWS: Income, Impact & Influence

Lan Bercu

Videos can fire up your online presence and take your business to a new level. In this session, you will learn short-cut strategies and tactics to get your first 1,000,000 views, all while having fun making videos and reaching new clients. Lan will show you how to build a loyal community and generate leads, how to reach your targeted audience and sell your products, and how to create KOI (Key Opinion Influencer) status and monetize it! In this session Lan will also cover how to create relevant ideas and content, and provide insight on how to promote and distribute your videos. You will walk away knowing how to measure your success so you can tailor your videos for optimal results. Let's get to your first 1,000,000 views with Lan!

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More Than One Way to Skin this Video Cat: How to Leverage Video to Generate Income Off the Platform

Laurie Guest, CSP, & Molly Wendell, CSP

Two speakers, each with a different approach to using video for passive income will share their insights on how you can get started too. This rapid-fire session will show several ways to take your intellectual property and turn it into additional dollars.  Laurie Guest, CSP, is focused on the upsell for more corporate bookings on the road while Molly Wendell, CSP, is leveraging scalable executive level models that keeps her off the road. Two styles, two success stories, get the inside scoop and the steps to jump-start your plan.

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How to Leverage Zoom Features to Diversify Your Business' Income Streams 

Marquesa Pettway, CSP

Imagine running your entire speaking business using the ZOOM platform, all while earning income from multiple streams - yes, it is possible! In this session, you will learn the HOW of the platform, the income stream possibilities (MindMaps provided), and how to improve your productivity to boot ALL on ZOOM! You will learn how to utilize ZOOM features to maximize various income streams such as: Virtual Conferences/Retreats, Membership Groups, Mastermind, Virtual Courses, Online Courses, Digital Emceeing, Virtual Strategy Sessions and much more. She will even bring her green screen to show you her tips on how to use it for ZOOM. Learn how Marquesa attracts meeting planners by focusing on the above, all within one inclusive platform. It's all at your fingertips!

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Video Techniques to Enhance Your Live Presentations: How to Incorporate Video Clips in Your Keynotes and Trainings 

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE

In this extreme “OMG-I-can’t-believe-he’s-showing-us-this” demo-heavy session, speaker and 30-year video producer, Brian Walter, will showcase and explain 10+ different formats for you to dynamically feature video and WOW YOUR AUDIENCES while you are speaking live on stage. You will learn how to: make crappy videos look better; source video clips and TV commercials; legally show movie scenes; cast clients in your videos; create custom cartoon-style animated videos; star in low- or high-budget videos, paid for by the client; and find inspiration for new video ideas!

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The Complete Speaker’s Guide to Video

Chris West

This interactive session covers the three most essential areas for using video to grow your speaking business: Creating a home-office studio setup, filming on-the-go videos from your smartphone, and capturing great speaking content at each of your events. Over the past five years, Chris West has worked with over 1,000 speakers in one, or all, of these areas. He will distill down years of experience into the most effective tips for using video to grow your speaking business. You will learn: how to setup a video home studio, including which equipment to purchase at the lowest cost, how to create great lighting, and camera settings for the best outcome; How to film, edit, and grow your online influence using your smartphone; how to ensure you capture great quality video at every speaking event - this includes how to quickly find and vet the right videographers in any city, how to utilize a personal camera and audio setup for each of your events, and the training you need in place to get the best results when working with a video crew.

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Behind the Edit: How to Create a Speaker Video that Generates Consistent Revenue

Chris West

The greatest challenge for any speaker is delivering the same experience as you do in person, through your video content. The secret to generating high fees and more consistent speaking engagements is conveying the same energy, emotion, and results you’ll deliver in-person, through your video as well. There’s a formula for how to do it! In this session you’ll go behind-the-scenes to see how some of the highest revenue-generating speaker videos in the industry were created. Whether you’re an experienced speaker who wants to improve your current speaker video, or an emerging speaker who needs to know how to edit on your own, this session will show you the subtle and effective video components that consistently generate shortlist placements. Learn how to outline a keynote by using the right clips in your video. Learn how to create a compelling, emotionally-driven story through your speaker video, leaving the viewer wanting more and ready to book. Walk away knowing how to re-edit your own video during the session through story-editing worksheets. Come ready to work!

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