Behind the Scenes: Video Intensive

April 12 – 14, 2019 | Renaissance Atlanta Midtown | Atlanta, GA

General Sessions

How to Use Video Clips DURING Your Speeches and Trainings

Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE

In this extreme “OMG I can’t believe he’s showing us this” demo-heavy session, speaker and 30-year video producer Brian Walter will showcase and explain 10+ different formats for you to dynamically feature video and WOW YOUR AUDIENCES while you are speaking live on stage. You will learn how to: make crappy videos look better; source video clips and TV commercials; legally show movie scenes; cast clients in your videos; create custom cartoon-style animated videos; star in low- or high-budget videos paid for by the client; and find inspiration for new video ideas.

Breakout Sessions

More Than One Way to Skin this Video Cat: How to Leverage Video to Generate Income Off the Platform

Laurie Guest, CSP, & Molly Wendell, CSP

Two speakers, each with a different approach to using video for passive income will share their insights on how you can get started too. This rapid-fire session will show several ways to take your intellectual property and turn it into additional dollars.  Laurie Guest, CSP, is focused on the upsell for more corporate bookings on the road while Molly Wendell, CSP, is leveraging scalable executive level models that keeps her off the road. Two styles, two success stories, get the inside scoop and the steps to jump-start your plan.