Why should I attend INFLUENCE?


Run a better business.

Connect with people who get you.

Experience incredible sessions on the art of speaking and honing your stage craft. Whether it’s tastefully placed humor, cohesive body language, supportive slides, or subtly working in that sales pitch – our presenters are here to get you the tips and resources you need to be better on stage (and who knows, maybe just become a better human – bonus!) Plus this year our presenters are customizing their content to make sure you’re ready to deliver with the same panache virtually as you do on the main stage.

If we learned anything from this global pandemic, it’s that we can never be too prepared. Many speakers’ businesses took a major hit when the events industry seemingly dissipated. Since we can’t change the past, what can you do moving forward to diversify your revenue streams, reach new clients, freshen up your sales and marketing materials, or just look at things through a new lens? Our 2020 faculty not only represent some of the best in class, but they’re sort of obsessed with sharing and bringing you a scary amount of value. Can you say, “Best business investment ever?”

And let’s face it… not everyone just gets you. At INFLUENCE you’ll take that deep sigh of relief knowing you’re (virtually) surrounded by other entrepreneurs who make their living speaking to audiences. Some of the most valuable moments are ideas shared in the “hallway” or random inspiration drawn from a story at the virtual lounge. Not only is your business invigorated and your entrepreneurial spirit recharged, but you may even make some lifelong friends (ask the thousands of attendees who refer to it as a family reunion – in a good way.)


INFLUENCE inspires professional speakers to inspire others. We celebrate the living, breathing, human part of the business – and encourage speakers to do the same with their own audiences. Year after year, INFLUENCE gathers the best speakers for reflection and education. With three months of breakout sessions this year, whatever your speaking business needs, we’ve got solutions in spades (by the way, you can catch up by watching recordings of the virtual sessions – you’ll have access to them until August 31st!

But that’s not all we do. We know that some of the best ideas happen when great minds get together. So we provide ample time and opportunity to network through our INFLUENCE Virtual Community on Facebook – that way, you can trade tactics, mix methods, and share strategies from smart people just like you. We’re confident you’ll find partners, allies, and guides to push your speaking quest forward.


You want to find new ways to impress your clients.
You want the headspace for new ideas.
You want to learn about emerging trends in the speaking industry.You want to be inspired by the incredible stories of our main stage speakers.
You can avoid Linda from accounting by going on a work trip.
You want to network with other speaking experts.
You’d enjoy learning how to be a better storyteller.
You want to be a more organized speaker.
You’d like to master your own finances.
You want to find revenue sources beyond keynoting.
You want to implement better social media practices.
You want to find a better work/life balance.
You want to get better at client outreach.
You want to improve your stage blocking.
You’re trying to write an e-book. (Or a not-so-e book.)
You’re trying out some different business models and want ideas.
Your performance techniques could use an update.
You need a new workflow.
Copyrighting and trademarking seem like a headache to you.
You’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately.
You want to find leads easier.
You want to be a more inclusive speaker.
You’d like to have easier sales conversations.

Bureaus and sales reps seem like added stress.
You want to be funnier.
Keynotes could be a little less work on you.
You’re speaker staff and your boss wants you to come (you totally should) OR you’re a speaker and you want your staff to learn some cool tricks.
Building an online community is important to you.

You don’t know what “voice first learning strategies” are.
Your crisis communication could always use an upgrade.
You want cooler slide design, videos, or props.
You want to dip your toes into the eLearning business.
You want to build a better contract.
You’d like to hone in on your target audiences.
You want to tailor your humor to more people.
You want to keep your audience totally enraptured.
You want to stay abreast of new event technologies.
Scaling your business sounds like a neat idea.
You could probably outsource some of your work to free time.
Budgeting seems more like a four-letter word.
You want to #BeABetterBoss to your staff.
You’re always on the hunt for a better story to tell.
You want to discuss the unknowns in the speaking industry.
You want to find out which kinds of outreach campaigns work for you.


Use the hashtag #WEAREINFLUENCE and share an image from our street team pack today.