Sessions for INFLUENCE are released on a rolling basis. Stay tuned for new announcements.

  • August 2 | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    The Curiosity Factor

    Andrew Davis

    The psychological phenomena we can all use to earn and own attention in a noisy world.

    Attention in today’s world is harder and harder to garner than ever before. Our clients, customers, prospects, employees, and audiences tell us they have no time. No time to read our emails, download our e-books, listen to our podcasts, dive-in to our blog posts, or watch our videos.

    However, these very same people can binge watch two seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix in one weekend! Where’s the disconnect?

    Maybe, in our quest to make our content consumable, we’ve eliminated every element that makes it interesting?

    It turns out, the most successful content creators in the world don’t worry about how great their content is. Instead, they apply two infinitely powerful psychological phenomena to catch, keep, and capture, their audience’s attention.

    In this exhilarating 45-minute presentation, former television producer and best-selling author Andrew Davis will show you how to keep your audience curious. You’ll be challenged to think like a reality tv editor, and he’ll show you the five things that brilliant businesses do to transform their content from boring to brilliant. More importantly, you’ll learn the simple secret to creating infinitely engaging content.

    What’s the secret? You’ll have to wait and see.

  • August 2 | -

    Heart and Hustle

    Claude Silver

    Details for this session coming soon!

    50 years of being human.
    30 years of working within corporate cultures.
    15 years as a scholar in psychology, human development org development
    15 years as a creative strategist studying human behavior.
    6 years hustling alongside Gary Vaynerchuk.
    5 years coaching at a surf company she co-founded.
    4 years as the world’s first ever Chief Heart Officer.

    But it’s not about the numbers. Quite the opposite, really. As VaynerX’s first ever Chief Heart Officer, Claude Silver infuses agency with empathy to ensure the 900+ “employees” never feel like a number. 

    Between her education in psychology, years as an advertising strategist, and time at Vaynermedia, she’s been studying and influencing human behavior for over three decades. Outside of Vaynermedia, she speaks globally about the need for heart-leadership in today’s workplace. Her success guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, management, and culture is driven by an abiding passion for creating spaces in which people can thrive.

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    Fear Less, Do More

    Michelle Poler

    A talk that will change your perception of fear and inspire you to take action.

    Michelle’s humorous, refreshing and inspiring speaking style has been captivating audiences across the globe. With authentic storytelling, engaging visuals and her 100 Days Without Fear experience, Michelle will show you how to challenge your comfort zone to tap into your full potential.

    In this fun and energizing session, you will learn about:

    Dealing with the unknown / embracing change
    Seeking GROWTH over SAFETY
    Leading with accountability
    Daring to fail
    The difference between FEARLESS leaders and BRAVE leaders
    Highlighting our authenticity
    The REAL enemy of success (not failure)
    The difference between universal, cultural and personal fears
    How to trigger our Behavioral Activation System
    Redefining fear, from obstacle to opportunity

    Michelle uncovered that our needs not only motivate us, but they also limit us. By learning how to prioritize and negotiate with our needs, we open a world of opportunities.

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    How I Unintentionally Became One of the World’s Most Impactful Teachers While Influencing Over a Billion People

    Chris Ulmer

    Chris made it his life’s mission to normalize the diversity of the human condition by showcasing how understanding, positivity, and acceptance can make a better world for all. Together, attendees will explore these concepts and more through his experiences with the worldwide acceptance movement, SBSK (Special Books by Special Kids)

    Chris Ulmer is the founder of the leading neurodiversity movement, SBSK (Special Books by Special Kids). Chris travels the globe meeting friends with a diagnosis and sharing their stories on social media.  He believes that when we take the time to hear someone’s story and view life from their perspective, we learn and grow as humans making the world a better place. Together Chris and the SBSK community are promoting conversations on acceptance and inclusion around the world.