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Influence is for hard-working professional speakers who are running a successful business.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Influence 2020! Presentations for NSA events are taken from a combination of proposals using the following form, and through curation, in order to deliver the most relevant and resonant knowledge to our members.

Influence is for hard-working professional speakers who are running a successful business.  They want to learn industry-leading strategies to help grow their businesses and allow them to avoid getting stuck in the grind of day-to-day operations. Session proposals should be geared towards successful professional speakers who want to move to the next level, rather than aspiring speakers.

All concurrent sessions will be 75 minutes in length. Read on to find our recommended guidelines for topics.


Our topics for this year’s conference

Proposals should follow the guidelines below. Topics do not need to be limited to the ideas listed,
but should be tied closely to one of the five tracks.


Influence 2020 focuses on bringing new clarity and vision to a speaker’s stage through the five core tracks of business & revenue, sales & marketing, platform & performance, technology & disruption, and life & wellbeing. Influence 2020 will provide new insights and trusted methods to speakers so that they can master their profession and take their businesses to the next level.

While completing this form, you will have the opportunity to share how your proposed session aligns with one of the core tracks.

Track 1

Business & Revenue


Track 2



Track 3



Track 4



Track 5



Finances and Legal

Business structure, contracting, insurances, copyright, trademarks, budgeting, taxes

Automation and systemization

Workflows, communication, calendars, pipelines, contracting, tools, and apps

Outsourcing and staff

Virtual assistants, staffing, team structure, legal and tax considerations, compensation, staff issues

Cooperations and partnerships

Bureaus, planners, speaker management, sales reps

Product development

Books, webinars, courses, e-books, audiobooks, mastermind games,
cards, materials

Business models

Coaching, consulting, training, licensing IP, corporate sponsorship, growth and scaling

Markets and
target audiences

Corporate, association, education, government


Website design, speaker demo videos, social media, search engine optimization

LEAD identification and management

Sources, databases, search engines, CRMs, online advertisement

Outreach campaign strategies

Email marketing, funnel building, copywriting, follow-ups, cold calling, snail mail, wow packs

Sales conversation

Enrollment, negotiation techniques, onboarding

Community building

Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, podcasting, new channels, email lists, monetizing

Anatomy of a keynote

Topic, structure, scripting, opening, closing, rehearsal, preparation

Story development and delivery

Story sources, structure, delivery, performance techniques, relevance

Humor techniques

Types, implementation, writing and delivery, risks and appropriateness, cultural differences

Virtual presenting techniques

Webinars, virtual keynotes, simultaneous keynotes, audience engagement, platforms, contracting, fees

Content visualization

Slide design, props, videos, interaction, tools, formats

Stage presence

Voice, body language, appearance, image, blocking

Industry trends

Meetings of the future, topics of the future, buyer requirements


Gamification, wearables, audience polling, event technologies, mobile devices

Voice first  learning strategies

Skills for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Voice Search

Cybersecurity and cybercurrencies

Protection of hardware, software, data, virtual currencies

Advanced technology trends

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence

The unknown

What does the future hold that we haven’t foreseen?


Lifestyle design, diet, drugs, alcohol, sleep, prevention

Diversity and inclusion

Discrimination, implicit bias, generational and cultural differences, gender identity, LGBTQIA+ identity


Balancing home and work, single parenting, childcare, petcare


Illness, divorce, money, elder care, death

Travel hacks

Airlines, hotels, credit cards, ground transport, packing, troubleshooting

Safety and security

Audience emergencies, active shooter training, sex trafficking awareness, crisis communication


Prior to diving in, be prepared to share these items in the submission form:


  • Information about you and any co-presenters, including a short bio
  • A brief session title, no more than 70 characters
  • Your session description, no more than 600 characters
  • How your session proposal aligns with one of the core tracks
  • Elements of interactivity during your proposed session
  • Key takeaways for attendees
  • What makes your session proposal different?
  • Provide a link to a video clip (two minutes or less) showing you presenting a session. This does not need to be a video of the session you are proposing. Please do not send your sizzle reel.

The call for proposals has ended.

The call for proposals closed on December 3, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

If you’ve submitted, thank you for doing so!
Our review process is based on the guidelines laid out above.
You can expect to hear back from us in March 2020.