For years, the media has talked about your success. Now it’s time for YOU to tell your story.  As a professional athlete, you have achieved success that most of us can only dream about. You have put in years of blood, sweat, and tears to make that a reality.

People are intrigued and fascinated to hear the hurdles you had to overcome to achieve greatness. However, as good as you were under the stadium lights, what happens when a different kind of light is shining on you? What happens when you get on a stage to speak as a sports celebrity speaker? Are you comfortable on stage, or do you have butterflies?

This workshop is designed for all professional and retired athletes who want to improve their presentation skills and make a living as a professional speaker. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or considering becoming one, this session is for you!

The registration fee for Sports Celebrity Speaker Workshop is $95. All attendees must be registered for Influence 2019 at either the Saturday daily rate or for the entire conference.

Ruby Newell Legner, CSP, will host this session where you can learn more about the speaking profession from our sports industry experts:

Our key presenter, Karl Mecklenburg, CSP, is a respected professional speaker, former Denver Broncos Captain, and All‐Pro Linebacker. Karl rose from being a college walk‐on and 12th round draft pick, to a pro career comprised of six Pro Bowl and three Super Bowl appearances. He approaches speaking in the same way he approached playing football for the Denver Broncos: with effort, intelligence, and passion. As a former NFL team captain, Karl understands what it takes for a team to work together. As a professional speaker, his team now includes meeting planners, clients, and audience members. Come learn best practices for building your speaking business from an athlete who has excelled both on the fi eld and on the stage.

Elaine Pasqua, CSP, has been speaking to collegiate athletes for more than 22 years. She is excited to share her strategies to help you connect with the right buyer, help you craft your message to connect with the needs of your audience, and show you how to sustain a thriving speaking business in the collegiate athletic market.

Don Yaeger, CSP, was the longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated and is an 11‐time New York Times Best‐selling author who transitioned into speaking a decade ago. He now books 70 speeches a year and will share the three steps he had to discover that will make it easier for you to get repeat business.