Part 1: Polish Your Products
Julie Holmes
We hear all the time that we have to think and act like the CEO of our business, but that isn’t enough for us to EXPAND our results. It’s time to expand your horizons and your business thinking with clear, concise, and proven strategies for innovating your business. It’s time to promote yourself to VP of R&D. In this session, Julie will share her favorite (and most successful) strategies that she’s used and honed over the past 20+ years to continuously innovate her brand, products, services, and more— the same strategies that have helped her to identify and launch six-figure products.

Part 2: Perfect Your Pitch
Lisa Ryan, CSP
Is it possible to take a brand-new list, from a brand-new industry, where no one knows you and you have no connections and turn it into a six-figure speaking business one year later? YES. And Lisa can tell you how it’s done. After spending the first seven years of her speaking career focusing on general human resource (HR) audiences, she wanted to find a niche. After deciding on manufacturing and the trades, she set out to work. Today she has presented more keynote presentations at national conferences than she ever did as a generalist.

Part 3: Punch Up Your Performance
Robyn Hatcher & Diane Ripstein
Lights! Camera! Action! Actors’ tips to transform your keynote. Transform your keynotes from acceptable to exceptional. Stand out and be memorable by adding some theatrical “razzle-dazzle” to your content and delivery. Learn from two theatre professionals and sought-after speakers as they pull back the curtain to share professional theater methods, approaches, tips, and techniques.

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