Influence 2018 - The Premier Event for Professional Speaking

July 14-17, 2018 | Dallas, TX


Agenda subject to change.

Friday, July 13

Cavett Institute
(Separate registration required)
The Cavett Institute is an intensive one-day learning seminar focused on helping aspiring speakers ramp up their business. This top-rated event is centered around NSA's four competencies: Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise and Ethics. Whether you're just starting out or have been a professional speaker for a few years, you'll have new tools for mastering your brilliance, sharing that brilliance in front of an audience, getting paid for your brilliance and shining that brilliance with integrity. More details coming soon!

Eloquence (Speak for Yourself with Power) Karen Cortell Reisman, MS
Enterprise (3 Ways to Get Booked and Get Paid) Laurie Guest, CSP
Ethics (The Ethical Speaker) Margarita Gurri PhD, CSP
Expertise (Result$: The Name of the Game) Jeff Blackman, JD, CSP, CPAE

By June 30: Academy Member: $125 | Non-Academy Member: $225


International Speaking Day
(Separate registration required. Must be registered for Influence 2018 to attend.)
Global Inclusion: Impacting the World as an International Speaker
Want to speak internationally more often and have a stronger impact? Engage with speakers from around the world to identify common blind spots and skill gaps in working with global audiences.

This session is designed for current and aspiring international speakers, and it is appropriate for both speakers inside and outside the United States. Join us for a conversation across borders to learn cultural nuances, as well as do's and don'ts when speaking internationally.

Presenters: Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP and Helen Turnbull, PhD, CSP

By July 1: $85 | After July 2: $95

5:00pm-6:00pmInternational Reception

Cocktails & Comedy, Entertainment for Early Arrivers
(Included with Influence registration)
Arriving early? Join us for a night of cocktails & comedy!

Speaking Without a Script
Andrew Tarvin and select NSA performers will wow and amuse you with completely improvised talks in various speaker formats.

Live the Laughter – A Comedy Hypnosis Show
Wayne Lee will engage and delight attendees with a highly interactive hypnosis show as unique as it is hilarious. Prepare for gut-splitting laughter and improbable scenes acted out by audience members in a clean, classy and tasteful manner.

Saturday, July 14

Foundation Benefit Seminar
(Pre-Conference Event; Separate registration required to attend.)
Advanced Performance Skills for Professional Speakers
Expand the craft you already have and learn new techniques from the Heroic Public Speaking team through a half-day series of sessions with Amy and Michael Port and the senior faculty from Heroic Public Speaking. You’ll get to the nitty gritty of how to win over (even more) audiences and event planners alike. Dive in and become an even better public speaker than you were before—one where you can stop speaking and start performing.


By June 30: $495  |  After July 1: $695

All the proceeds from this event go to the NSA Foundation.

 8:00am-2:30pmMillion Dollar Speakers Group
(Invitation only. Must be registered to attend.)
This is a high-level, peer-to-peer learning session designed exclusively for NSA Members who have speaking- related businesses generating annual revenues of more than $1 million. Participants will brainstorm best practices and work on pressing challenges with their peers. A topic of discussion building on the Winter Conference meeting is about "How do we take a million-dollar company to 100 million?" You'll start new relationships with other successful members and leave with cutting-edge insights and strategies on how to grow your business, keep your competitive advantage and reduce complexity. Verification of revenue is required to participate in this program. If you qualify and would like to participate, contact NSA's CEO, Mary Lue Peck, MBA, at for more details.
 9:00am-12:00pmChapter Leadership
Are you influencing the future of the speaking profession in your chapter? Are you a leader in your chapter now or plan to be in the future? Then join us for this half-day session where you will have an opportunity to network with other chapter leaders from around the country and learn effective skills to strengthen you and your chapter.

Influence 2018 Exclusive "Deeper-Dive"
(Separate registration required to attend.)
Speaker Outbound Sales and Marketing - A Proven System to Go Out and Get Paid Speaking Gigs
The business of speaking is exactly that - a business. Of course, there are many facets to the "art" of speaking, but those who have enjoyed long-term success have mastered the business side of this profession.

Tiffany Lauer and David Avrin have generously agreed to share their high-touch, non-automated process with their speaker friends and colleagues at Influence 2018 in an exclusive and extended deeper-dive session. NSA is offering this enhanced extended session model for the first time ever in order to go beyond the traditional scope of convention sessions offering a deeper learning and residual benefit to our members.


By June 30: Member: $395 | Non-member: $595

All revenue from this session goes toward enhanced Influence offerings. Space is limited and available to Influence registrants only.


How to Earn Your CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) Session
11:00am-12:00pm Professional Competencies Session
Time TBD 

Sponsor Session (brought to you by eSpeakers)
MEETING NEWS FOR SPEAKERS - News Flash: You Are NOT In The Speaking Industry Anymore!
Deborah Gardner, CMP
Last year, the U.S. economy gained momentum and the meetings industry followed suit. But, now there are a few speed bumps ahead with major changes and the meeting/event professionals say that it will strongly affect the speaking business too. So, what does this disruption mean for you? Run for the hills or hear from the meeting industry news tracker, Deborah Gardner, on the most up-to-date state of the meetings industry mega trends, outlook, forecasts and statistics that will help you gain profitability.

Through this all-inclusive, humorous and fast-paced informational session, you'll change your perception on what your clients do by understanding budgets, domestic verses international travels and how you can create "business besties" through the value of the global meeting community. Discover what influences your prospects/clients and how you can strategically plan your next encounter with them. Whether you are a newly seasoned or experienced speaker, your brand can not survive without this "never heard before" evidence that prove you are not in the speaking industry anymore.


Sports Celebrity Speaker Workshop
(Invitation only. Pre-Conference event; must be registered for Influence to attend. Separate registration required.)
As athletes, you know the value in having a good coach, learning the right techniques, and spending dedicated time on your game. These three factors create a winning performance and a winning speech.

In this session, award-winning storyteller and successful speaker, Kelly Swanson, will coach you on a fresh approach to crafting a powerful speech by focusing on the stories that are already inside you. She will offer a template for a five-minute speech that every athlete should have in their playbook. You already have amazing stories. Let Kelly teach you how to tell them with impact.

This workshop is designed for all professional and retired athletes who want to improve their presentation skills. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or considering speaking as a new career, join us to learn more about the speaking profession from past NSA president, Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP, and Vince Poscente, CPAE, HoF, an Olympic speed skier who has excelled as a speaker through his membership in NSA.

1:30pm-2:30pm Ethics Session
 2:00pm-3:00pmFirst-Timer Orientation & Reception
Opening General Session & CSP Ceremony

How Technology is Giving Conversations a New Perspective
Yasmin Green
How can technology make people in the world safer? Safer from attacks on speech. Safe from online harassment. Safer from violent extremism. Safer from injustice and corruption. These are the issues that Green's team at Jigsaw tackles every day. When it comes to people using their voices to influence others and impact change, Green's group understands that in order to build technologies to help protect humans, that you have to be able to understand the nuances of language. She'll share a product built on models that understands the emotional impacts of language, and the extensive field work her team does to build these technologies. The result is a solution that could enable censored, harassed, and often silenced voices around the world the ability to have more safe and respectful dialogue.

Celebrity Service: Discover the Gap in Your Service You Never Knew Existed
Geoff Ramm
Design a customer experience that leads to lucrative, repeat business. Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors, and raved about in your industry.

You Created It: When You Own Your Moments, You Own Your Opponents
Charles "Silk" Dunn
We all have agency to create and change the circumstances in our lives. Charles “Silk” Dunn urges attendees to analyze their lives, respect and embrace their individual journey, and continually mark a path for progress.

 5:00pm-6:00pmLight Hors D’oeuvres Welcome Reception
 Dinner on Your Own
6:00pm-7:30pmNSA XY Happy Hour
6:00pm-7:30pmNSA Rainbow Speakers Reception
7:00pm-9:00pmJewish Service
7:00pm-11:00pmPower Women of NSA Banquet
(Separate registration required to attend; SOLD OUT)
Sunday, July 15
8:00am-10:00pmRegistration & Bookstore Open
General Session

Heroic Public Speaking: How to Give the Best Performances of Your Life
Amy and Michael Port
You're an expert at your craft and you’re already a public speaker. But, we can do more together than we can alone in order to present that knowledge in an effective, entertaining and persuasive manner. In this keynote, Amy and Michael Port, co-founders of Heroic Public Speaking, will showcase the power and art of performance with one goal in mind: so you can shine when the spotlight is on you.

Newsjacking Your Way to Media Attention and More Speaking Gigs
David Meerman Scott
As professional speakers, we're recognized experts. When there is news in your marketplace, reporters and analysts are looking for experts like you to comment on the story. Newsjacking--the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to generate tons of media coverage, get sales leads, and grow business--gets attention. But you've got to be quick and you've got to be on pitch. Learn the power of Newsjacking from the founder of the Newsjacking movement and real-time marketing pioneer. In this session, David Meerman Scott teaches the art and science of real-time content creation and how it leads reporters and editors to you and generates speaking inquiries. David's concept of Newsjacking is now so popular that it was shortlisted by Oxford Dictionary as word of the year for 2017.


College Speaking: A Road Map for Success!
Elaine Pasqua
You have the speaking down, now how do you build your business? In a time when technology is increasingly isolating us, it is important to remember the value of human contact and the power of direct conversation. So many nuances are lost through the written word. We lose emotion, inflection, and spontaneity that leads to a solid connection which can seal a deal for a speaking engagement. It’s all about relationships! The lost art of "direct calling" has been the foundation for Elaine's 20-year success. As a nationally recognized speaker, she transitioned from working with high school and college students, to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the military. She has moxie and never backs down! In this deep dive session, you will learn how to network and how to recognize and build upon new opportunities to continually transform your career and reach new and exciting levels of success.

Creating an Online Mastermind Group Based on My Speaking Expertise Leading to Another Income Stream
Marquesa Pettway, CSP
Multiple income streams is essential for the professional speaker and this includes leveraging the online world. As a speaker we have fans, followers, clients, audience members and the list goes on. During this session, Marquesa will share how we can bring our audience with us and provide even more value by offering a mastermind. Not an online program but a simple mastermind which allows the speaker/expert to share more of their great content and motivation in another way. There are all types of masterminds but this one is specifically for professional speakers and does not require a membership site, online platform or much technology unless you choose.

From the Convention Hall to the Performing Arts Center
Al McCree, CSP and Jeanne Robertson, CSP, CPAE
Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a celebrity and sell tickets to public performances in theaters? Jeanne Robertson and Al McCree have partnered to promote sold out theatre shows across the country and nurture a tribe of fans that have yielded over 45 millions YouTube views and more than 150K Facebook Likes. You can learn what it takes in terms of mastering the craft, the business skills and the media savvy to achieve untold success beyond the corporate and association markets.

How to Become a Top Gun Keynoter, Command Higher Fees and Book More Gigs
Rob "Waldo" Waldman, MBA, CSP, CPAE
The Wingman will pull back the curtain and show you how he has built a consistent seven-figure keynote business by developing a value-based, distinct, and memorable brand. From crafting an emotionally engaging and interactive keynote, developing a unique language to reinforce desired learning objectives, to creative marketing tools and techniques, Waldo will reveal his secrets to creating a one-of-a-kind brand that will elevate your profile as an in-demand keynoter and get you booked at higher fees.

How to Turn Prospects into Clients!
Lois Creamer
In this session, you'll learn how to be comfortable selling and turning prospects into clients, learn how to do market intelligence in your particular target market quickly and easily, discover who the real decision maker is in the corporate and association markets, learn the best strategy to make your first connection, what you say when you talk to DM, learn Lois' 10 questions to book more business, apply a simple qualifying system that guarantees productivity, close the sale comfortably, introduce and tie-in products when making the sale (preselling), and discover how to leverage your success after the speech by utilizing an effective post event checklist.

How Writing A Column Can Bring Your Message To A Wider Audience
Bruce Weinstein, MA, PhD and Benjamin Wolff
This high-content breakout session will show why writing a column is a powerful tool for enhancing your speaking business. We’ll show you how to capitalize on this overlooked platform for burnishing your reputation as a global thought leader.

Master the Rehearsal Process, Crush your Keynotes
Amy and Michael Port
You'll never have to (or want to) "wing it" again. With the Heroic Public Speaking 7-Step Rehearsal Protocol, learn how to look like you've crafted a pristine talk for every keynote, workshop, or boardroom meeting. Then, New York Times and WSJ bestselling author Michael Port will select attendees from the audience to perform live coaching sessions. You'll observe masterclasses that are as transformative for you as for those picked to join onstage.

What's Next? Creating Killer Training to Follow the Killer Keynote
Courtney Ramsey
You just delivered a killer keynote…the meeting planner walks up and excitedly asks, "What else do you offer? We’d love to have you back!" Great. Now what? Now’s when you offer your training session! What? Don't have that yet? Courtney can help! In this hands-on session, speakers at every level will get a crash course in Instructional Design. You won't be bored with "adult learning" concepts and presentation pointers…we'll jump right into the good stuff. You'll walk away from this session knowing how to set your learning objectives, how to create experiential activities from scratch, and how to set up the flow of any session so your audience stays engaged!

Exclusively for CSPs/CPAEs only: Speak and Grow a Continuously Profitable Consulting Practice
Barry Banther, CMC, CSP
The most profitable consulting practices are built from a strong speaking platform. In this session, you will learn how to identify your platform (topic, audience), target market your practice from the platform, and leverage speaking to earn higher consulting fees.

Speaker Staff Session: Target Marketing to Associations: Multiply Your Bookings by Leveraging Every Niche
Andy Masters, MA, CSP
This content-packed program will provide specific strategies to help every speaker immediately and successfully market to associations. Identifying target associations, extracting key contact info, and qualifying events will be unveiled--allowing speakers to target decision-makers who have a budget within every industry association. Each step will be illustrated, and every attendee will receive actual email templates for introductory emails, follow-ups, soliciting testimonials, AND to refer a fellow NSA colleague after Association event.


Story Makeover Studio: Learn How to Improve your Stories in Real Time
Kelly Swanson
Get a five-minute story makeover! Storytelling Jedi, Kelly Swanson, will bring lucky contestants up to the hot seat to share a five minute story and get five minutes of feedback. Learn in the context of real live stories. Walk away with concrete tips and how to apply them to your story. Have your mind blown as you see how the tiniest tweak in a story can make a radical difference. Walk away with Kelly's story formula and her seven-step process for crafting a business story with impact. Because great speeches depend on great stories. And unforgettable speeches need unforgettable stories.

The Pajama Lifestyle: Build A 6-Figure+ Virtual Mentoring Membership Program (From Your Laptop)
Michelle Villalobos and Albert Pellissier
The speaking industry is shifting as the advent, availability and accessibility of technology has opened up a variety of new ways to influence, impact and generate income. In this session, learn about a simple model that new and established speakers alike can use to "monetize their magic" in a new way that's scalable, sustainable, geographically untethered and highly highly lucrative. You'll learn how to sell & fill highly profitable mentoring groups with monthly recurring revenues, and create the content, community and culture to sustain and retain multi-year membership. You'll also learn the simple and inexpensive existing technology platforms to lead your program(s) from your laptop or from your phone, from anywhere in the world--even in your pajamas!

The Speakers Road Map to 7 Figures: Top 10 Actions, Top 10 Pitfalls
David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE
During this session, David will present the top ideas he actually used to grow a thriving speaking business and life. He'll share ideas seldome used or heard about at NSA. David will also share how to go beyond yourself, enjoy health even doing 100 dates a year, and get the C-Suite's attention.

Use Live Video to Shrink the Distance Between you and your Audience
Brian Fanzo
By the end of 2019 90% of content on Facebook will be video. Speakers will learn the value of providing unique access to their audience before and after events as well as leveraging live video to amplify their message throughout the year. Brian will highlight the current live platforms: Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live, all of which have different features and unique user experiences. Participates will walk away understanding the 5 steps you must do on every live video as well as an understanding of Brian’s Think Like A Fan philosophy. Live video is most authentic way for a speaker to reach their audience in digital media today. The key is knowing what platforms to use and the value of providing access and having a strategy every time you go live.

Winning the Matrix of Spin Business
Laurie Guest, CSP
Every time you speak, an opportunity to book more business presents itself to you. This can be either an encore invitation, an audience inquiry, or a referral to another group. If you aren’t getting at least one of new booking at every gig, then you are missing some strategic moves. How solid is your spin ratio? In this session, Laurie shows you how to uncover leads and close more work. Stay until the end and you will get the one bonus idea that you can't learn if you aren't in the room.

Your Leveraged Speaking Practice
Colin Boyd, CSP
As professional speakers, we each have an important message. The problem is that delivering this message in a live face-to-face experience drastically limits our ability to reach and impact more people. Many speakers have not been able to successfully leverage the content online. This session will unpack practical strategies for packaging and selling your knowledge to reach more people and make more profit through online courses. The strategies in the session are not theory, they are proven methods that have seen dramatic profit increase in speaking businesses.

CPAE Speakers Spill the Beans: Personal Insights into Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise and--EXPERIENCE
Moderator: Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE; Panelists: Jolene Brown, CSP, CPAE, Christine Cashen, CSP, CPAE, David Glickman, CSP, CPAE and Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Does it really take 10,000 hours to develop expertise? How do you stand out from the herd and be heard? Get personal insights of the good, the bad and maybe the ugly from four CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame recipients. Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE, serves as the moderator for this in-depth, fast-paced session in which she'll probe for wisdom and "if I only knew then what I know now" insights. Come listen, laugh, learn and levitate..

Exclusively for CSPs/CPAEs: Speaking Across the Globe: Partnering to Create and Deliver Successful Training Events
Jennifer Kahnweiler, PhD, CSP and Dirk Eilert, CSP
Have you wanted to speak or train in another country but weren't sure how to begin? Dirk (from Germany) and Jennifer (from the US) will describe the challenges and tremendous benefits of working together to create a dynamic and focused leadership training program. You will learn about the cross-cultural challenges and financial realities of presenting in a different country as well as the benefits. They will also focus on how you market the program, attract participants, create content, and share instructor roles. You will leave with a successful roadmap for finding the right overseas partner and collaborating on a high impact event. You will also have an opportunity to draft an initial plan for your own successful global event.

Speaker Staff Session: How to Keep Your Name on the Tip of Their Tongues for Repeat and Referral Speaking Gigs
Beth Ziesenis
You knock this year's keynote out of the park, but will they ask you back again? Absolutely... if you can stay top of mind. This session will help you envision meaningful real and digital products that literally keep you on your clients' desktops all year long. From digital content they'll value to desktop items they'll treasure, you'll discover ways to rework your marketing material into valuable takeaways and gifts that will keep reminding your clients of how wonderful you are.

Triple Threat Breakouts

Our new Triple Threat format gives you three experts, delivering massive value, in a single session. Each speaker will present one clear, actionable idea in 20 minutes, leaving room for Q&A at the end. Three experts. Three ideas. One session.

Advanced Website & SEO
David Bricker, MFA, Derek Hart and Heather Lutze, CSP

Kate Colbert, Cathy Fyock, SPHR, CSP and Arlene Gale

Abdulla Abandi, Kay Frances, MBA and Dave Hill

Marketing (Case Studies)
Valda Ford, Arjun Sen and Doug Stevenson, CSP

Joon Han, Catherine O'Brien and Connie Pheiff

Guy Burns, Trevor Perry and Mike Robertson

Presentation Skills
Lisa Braithwaite, Nikki Nanos, CSP and Lynn Rose

Steve Hughes, CSP, Jan Spence and Steve Yastrow

Social Media
Phil Gerbyshak, Niklas Myhr, PhD and Shasta Nelson

6:00pm-7:00pm20+ Year Reunion
6:00pm-7:00pmSpeaker Staff Reception
7:00pm-10:00pmBlackNSA Reception
 Free Night in Dallas
Monday, July 16
8:00am-10:00pmRegsitration & Bookstore Open
General Session

Creating Catalyst Content
Jay Baer, CSP, Sally Hogshead, CPAE, and Rory Vaden, MBA, CSP
Your onstage presentation is just a tiny fraction of what you can and should be offering to audiences and potential audiences. In this honest, timely, fast-paced conversation, three world-class speakers share the secrets of how they crafted huge online fan bases using digital content. 

You'll learn how Sally Hogshead uses Web-based assessments and hyper-personalized emails to build huge loyalty. You'll learn how Rory Vaden seamlessly transitions from Facebook to Instagram to his blog to his podcast to deliver powerful, weekly messages of motivation. And you'll learn how Jay Baer creates topical hubs around each of his books, bringing together dozens of contributors to build category authority over and over again. 

Among them, these leaders have earned more than one million social media followers, and reach hundreds of thousands of people monthly online. They do it through the power of content. In this scintillating session find out exactly how they give away what they know one bite a time, and how and why speaking is the nucleus of their operations, but by no means the entire atom.

Monetizing Your Expertise
Dorie Clark
Many speakers love the work but are frustrated with perennially trading time for dollars. In this talk, Harvard Business Review author and Duke University Fuqua School of Business adjunct professor Dorie Clark will share detailed strategies for how professional speakers can earn more by developing multiple income streams - including the much-vaunted "passive income." She'll discuss her research-based findings on how to:

  • Identify which new revenue streams are right for you and your business
  • Determine the right time to launch new products or services
  • Create a marketing flywheel that helps you grow new business lines while also promoting your speaking

BE the Media: 10 New Media & Social Media Marketing Strategies
Gerard Braud and Jess Todtfeld
The media landscape is changing and new technologies are providing amazing opportunities to fire up your marketing. Veteran media trainers, Gerard and Jess, will show you how to leverage Facebook Live, Skype, Zoom, strategies for building your own TV studio, opportunities to leverage the power of your smartphone, and more. You'll walk away with actionable ideas to help you BE the media. Technology, marketing, and social media come together for this session that is bound to take your outreach game to the next level.

Exactly What to Say - The Magic Words for Influence and Impact (For Speakers)
Phil M. Jones
Quite often, the difference between success and failure in your speaking business can be the impact of your conversations off of the stage. Knowing the right things to say, in the right way and at the right time is proven to have instant positive impact on your results. In this thought-provoking and interactive session you discover the power that language has over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that have instant application and receive the "Magic Words" from Phil's best-selling book applied precisely to your critical conversations in your speaking business. Be ready to take immediate action as situations that previously seemed challenging become instantly minimised by knowing exactly what to say, when to say it and how to make it count.

FANtastic Speaker Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Meredith Oliver, MIRM, MCSP, CSP
Would you like to earn six figures without spending six figures on your marketing? Does your one-sheet, website, email marketing, and social media graphics look professional or do they look DIY? Perception is everything in marketing and to earn six figures your marketing needs to look like a million bucks. In this session, Meredith will take you behind the scenes of her marketing agency and share the inside secrets on how to create FANtastic speaker marketing on a shoestring budget. Learn how to develop a brand guide to communicate consistent visuals and messages. Discover how to build a kick-ass stock photo library that will make your graphic designs rock. Learn how to give your designer feedback in a way that ensures a successful project. WARNING: This session is for FANtastic speakers who want to earn more money. Everyone else can go to the pool!

From "Meh" to Rock 'n Roll: The Lure of Body-Told Stories
Eamonn O'Brien and Stefan Verra
Uncover the secrets to using body language to transform your storytelling impact. Two of Europe's leading experts on storytelling and body language, Eamonn O'Brien and Stefan Verra, are joining forces to deliver a masterclass workshop on "how to make your stories an experience audiences will remember." Great storytelling is at the heart of great speaking, but not any story will do. In this session, you will learn the secrets of body-told stories. If you'd love to move up a level from being an ordinary or even a good storyteller to a master storyteller, this is a "must attend" session for you. You'll learn the techniques master storytellers use to instantly boost the impact of mediocre or seemingly "meh" stories (turning sows' ears into silk purses), to transform audience experiences through small changes in your body language, and to leave a memorable impression on all who hear and see you.

Hiring Your First Assistant - Get Help That is Actually Helpful
Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom
Have you ever booked your flight for the wrong day? I hope not. Don't let logistics and administrative mistakes get the better of you. There is a moment in every speaker's career when they need to hire help. Knowing when that moment is and how to hire someone who will make your life easier can be a big hurdle to overcome. This session will demystify hiring help, answer the question virtual assistant or not virtual, and give you tools to get the most out of your money when you are paying someone to assist you.

Lessons from TEDx: How to Find and Build your Keynote's Big Idea
Tamsen Webster
TED talks have changed people's expectations—not just about what makes for a great idea, but how to talk about one. And those expectations? They're fast becoming what clients, audiences, and meeting organizers expect from your keynotes, too. That means there's a new set of platform skills to work on. You can't just wow the crowd—you have to change them. But there's good news: the principles that make great TED talks can make your keynotes, sessions, and workshops great, too. In this session, TEDxCambridge executive producer, speaker, and message strategist, Tamsen Webster, will teach you the "Red Thread" approach she developed and used to get five speakers promoted to You'll learn simple tools for defining who your message is really for, finding the idea behind your idea, and for building your talk's high-level outline.

Marketing to Associations (Article Strategy and Pros/Cons)
Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CAE
Ed will explore the mistakes, foibles and missteps of a 30-year NSA member and a few things that were done right. This session will give newer speakers "permission" to try and fail and try again in this business we all love.

The $5,000 Word: How to Identify the Perfect Word to Fascinate Premium Clients
Sally Hogshead, CPAE
Why can speakers in the "innovation" category charge up to $5,000 more than speakers in the "creativity" category? Who's actually making the ultimate decision in the speaker selection process? Which matters more: the audience’s feedback, or the meeting planner's? Sally will show you. When Sally started as a speaker, she struggled to even get booked. After a year of researching the high-end speaking market, she increased her fee 1,000% with a few tweaks. In this session, you’ll find out why four types of speakers command the highest fees, the five surprising criteria that clients use to evaluate speakers, and the one question you absolutely MUST ask any client. Drawing upon her experience as of the world's highest-rated copywriter, Sally will be your personal ad agency. You'll walk out of the room with a fascinating phrase to stand out, be remembered, and make your message matter.

Performance Panel: Meld Your Message with Mega Entertainment Value for Maximum Revenue
Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, Karen Jacobsen, Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE and Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE
Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl will ask all the questions you ever wanted answered from three Hall of Fame NSA rock stars. Mike Rayburn, Tim Gard and Dan Thurmon masterfully weave high impact message with high value entertainment and have created mega successful speaking businesses. Learn the number one revenue rule in being an entertaining speaker, how they started out, and what they wish they had known when they did, to help make YOUR presentation more entertaining and increase your revenue.


Beyond Speaking - Sponsors, Events, Spokesperson and More
Ramon Ray
Ramon will give a DEEP dive into how to go beyond speaking and build a business will multiple revenue streams. He'll share his experience in attracting sponsors, producing events, being a spokesperson and more.

Cracking the Code: Making Real Money with the Federal Government
Tony Chatman
Despite recent budget cuts, the US federal marketplace remains the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. And they're always looking for speaker and trainers just like you. Yet working with the federal government seems to be so shrouded in secrecy that many qualified speakers never pursue working with the government. In this no fluff session, we'll walk through the "how's" and "why's" of working with the government, separating the fact from fiction. We'll then prepare you to strategically pursue government contracts and speaking engagements. Working with the federal government can be a lucrative addition to your business once you’ve cracked the code.

How to Be Funny: A Systematic Process for Adding Humor to Speeches
Andrew Tarvin
You already know the importance of adding humor to your presentations, but do you know how to do it? Humor is a skill which means it can be learned. This session will teach you that skill by helping you understand your personal humor style and teach you a process for punching up your presentations to gain more laughter, increase engagement, and have a lot more fun.

How to Build a Successful Mastermind Group, Speed-Dating Edition
Wally Adamchik, Eliz Green, Gerry O'Brion, CSP, Jess Pettitt, CSP, and Thom Singer
At NSA we constantly hear about mastermind groups, but how do you start one? How do you structure the interaction and manage expectations? How do you find the right people? Worry not, NSA! All is revealed in this session. First, Wally moderates as Jess, Eliz, Gerry, and Thom pull back the curtain to share candid details of their high-performance group which changed the course of their businesses and personal lives. They'll reveal the strategic creation of their group, structure, interactions, struggles, and successes. Next, use their framework to create your "Mastermind Wish List." Then, use your wish list as you get ready, get set, and FIND some potential members in a lively rendition of Mastermind Speed Dating. Participants receive downloadable tools to create, structure, and manage a mastermind group.

Increasing Impact: Turn Audience into Participants. A Digitally Interactive Talk - On Interactivity
Jon Forrsell
New technology gives speakers new possibilities to increase impact, be more relevant and create more dynamic talks. In this digitally interactive talk on interactivity, the audience will be turned into participants, to experience interactive learning first hand and learn how to design their own interactive talks. Bring your smartphone or tablet. The first part of the talk includes demo from a groundbreaking concept for interactive talks, where audience answers are analysed, segmented and compared to research and best practise - in real-time/live and via personal summary email. The second part focuses on implementation and how to accomplish your own interactive talk, do's and don'ts, technology overview (i.e appbased vs webbased), internet access alternatives, performance/platform skills tips in an interactive setting, i.e first hand experience of live/real time result analysis.

Why Same is Lame: How to Stand Out as a Speaker and Build Your Business
Jay Baer, CSP
Every element of your speaking business presents you with a choice. Do you do it like everyone else, or do you do it different? With more and more (and MORE) people rushing into the speaking business, differentiation is no longer an optional ingredient, it’s a requirement for lead generation. In this fast-paced, massively relevant session, Jay will unveil dazzling examples of speakers setting themselves apart and generating leads by having the courage to put a twist on anything and everything.

Turn Your Speaking Business into an Automated Revenue Machine: 10 Steps We Used to Build a $10 Million Dollar Business in 10 Years
Rory Vaden
Imagine dozens of inbound keynote leads every month, hundreds of new fans and subscribers every week and thousands of new dollars in passive recurring revenue each and every day…that is what is possible when you know how to build an Automated Revenue Machine. But the road to making that a reality is very difficult. There is a lot of bad information out there and a lot of bad practices you would never want to model. So how do you know what truly are the most critical strategies to deploy to drive up demand for your brand? Well, we can’t promise we know the exact secret that will work for your business but in this session Rory Vaden will transparently layout the offline and online strategies that we’ve used to launch New York Times best-selling books, create a rabid online following, become one of the highest paid non-celebrity keynote speakers in the market, and to grow a $10 million business in just 10 years. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity and power of the straightforward plan that you will learn. Come discover a duplicatable process that you could model to multiply your business, your impact, and your income.

Your Big Sexy Idea
Mark Levy
To be successful, your work needs to come across to the market as, not just good, but different. What's more, that difference can't be trivial. It must have weight. It must turn the heads and hold the attention of important strangers. In this session, positioning expert Mark Levy–who has positioned some of the biggest names in the consulting and speaking world–shows you how to stand-out-with-substance using, what he calls, a "Big Sexy Idea." Your Big Sexy Idea is a differentiator that's more than a gimmick. It's a differentiator that represents your thinking at its best, draws the market to you, and makes you proud. Levy not only shows you imaginative ways of finding your own Big Sexy Idea, he also teaches you how to set the context for the idea by helping you construct a compelling backstory that your market will remember always.

Exclusively for CSPs/CPAEs only: Monetize Your CSP Designation Panel
Moderator: Patrick Donadio, CSP; Panelists: Dr. Shirley Davis, PhD, CSP, Sharon Weinstein, CSP and Joel Block, CPA, CSP
How can you "monetize" your CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) designation? Last year we shared how to leverage your CSP. This year, learn how to use those ideas to make more money from your hard-earned CSP. This session starts with an NSA update regarding new tools and resources available to help you do this. Then back by popular demand, our CSP power panel discussion. This fast-paced panel discussion will include seasoned CSPs sharing how they use low/cost marketing tools to monetize their CSP. Finally, another opportunity for fellow CSP participants to share their monetizing ideas, bring them, share them, and we will distribute them to all attendees.

5:00pm-6:00pmAwards Banquet Reception

Awards Reception CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame ®/Cavett Awards Banquet
(Ticket is included in your registration, but an RSVP is required.)

Don't miss NSA's most anticipated annual black tie optional affair, celebrating platform excellence and honoring the legacy of selfless contribution.

9:00pm-12:00amNSA Jam Session
Tuesday, July 17
8:00am-10:00pmRegistration & Bookstore Open
General Session

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
Moderator: Eliz Greene
Three unique social platforms with exciting opportunities to expand your influence. Learn best practices from a panel of experienced social influencers who will pull back the curtain and share the secrets behind how they built a strong and loyal following on one or more of these social channels.

Encouraging Courageous Conversations
Omekongo Dilbinga
Does the professional speaker have an obligation to create change? How can we use our skills to go beyond generating profit to promoting meaningful conversations? In a world that is becoming increasingly more divided, discover how YOU can help generate more discussions that make a difference.

Community Groups Day

Connect with your tribe and learn from your peers on this day dedicated to enhancing the NSA community. Interested in checking out another group’s breakout? No worries! Sessions are open to all registered Influence attendees.

Speaking Eagles | Navigate, Automate & Replicate Success Secrets of the Speaking Eagles

NSA XY | Our Struggle: Starting & Keeping Adult Relationships and Our Life From the Road

Power Women of NSA | Leading from the Stage: Handling the Emergencies and Urgencies When Presenting

MAC Speakers | Each One Teach One

NSA Military Speakers Network | Session details coming soon

BlackNSA | Mining the Gold Within: High-Income Ingredients to Accelerate Your Speaking Business

NSA Authors Group | Becoming a Best-Selling Author: From Idea to Published Book

Empire Builders | Ambitious Marketing: How To Build a Lean, Mean Lead Generating Machine

Rainbow Speakers | You Be You: Make Your Bold Move

LaughNSA | How to Be Funny... Together: The Community Learning Session

Luncheon General Session

Board Induction Ceremony

Make the Choice to Find the Funny!
Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE
As an expert in your field, you can "wow" people with data, research and in-depth case studies, but if you want to knock it out of the park, create screaming fans for life and fill up your speaking calendar, then make the choice to find the funny. It’s there, and Linda will show you where to look to uncover the gold.

Community Groups Day Sessions

BlackNSA | Mining the Gold Within: High-Income Ingredients to Accelerate Your Speaking Business

NSA Bloggers and NSA Social Media Partners | Converting Content Into Cash

LaughNSA | Right a Joke, Write Now: The Go To Work And Make It Happen Session

NSA Podcasters Group | Listen to me! Getting Your Podcast Noticed.

Rainbow Speakers |
Overcoming the Trials and Tribulations of Living Out Loud

Power Women of NSA | Leading from the Stage: Handling the Emergencies and Urgencies When Presenting

 6:00pm-9:00pmFarewell Party
Celebrate the close of #INFLUENCE18! We have an incredible time planned for you. The $25.00 fee reserves your spot, plus round-trip transportation to AT&T Stadium, formerly Cowboys Stadium! Stay tuned for more details. Open to everyone 18 and older.