NSA Annual Sponsoring Partners

Diamond Sponsoring Partner

High Point University is a premier life skills university in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. HPU is an inspiring academic environment where characters and careers are crafted in unison, preparing students for a life of success and significance. With 5,200 undergraduate and graduate students, High Point is a small university with big university facilities. Its 16 varsity teams play at the NCAA Division I level. Students flock to High Point from 50 states and 35 countries, providing the school with great diversity in student backgrounds and experiences. Yet, High Point University offers its students a safe community that feels like home, where the average class size is 17.

Email: abills@hightpoint.edu | Phone: (336) 841-4538

Gold Sponsoring Partner

If you have a story to tell, let GetPublished help you tell it! GetPublished is an emerging powerhouse in book publishing. We’ve joined the two worlds of traditional and self-publishing into one company that can help do it all.  Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create targeted and integrated book campaigns that mobilize high-profile contacts in your niche, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, and extend your reach into the most prominent media publications.  Our authors have the unparalleled service of an Executive Editor, one who will work with you in putting your story ideas into book form.  Once that’s completed, our professional designers will work with you to design the cover and interior to make your book ready to sell. GetPublished markets your book by distributing to every major book seller on three continents.

Email: abaguio@thevisiongroupltd.com  | Phone: (702) 605-4354

Silver Sponsoring Partner

Celebrity Entrepreneur: transforming Experts, Speakers, and Authors into Celebrities.

Email: Clint@ClintArthur.TV | Phone: (212) 888-2999

Engage your Audience – Capture more Leads – Accelerate Sales
From simple, timed text message campaigns, to advanced image or video-rich campaigns, MOBIT helps you build, manage, send, track and report all your mobile messages with ease in our mobile CRM center and all from one simple intuitive dashboard.

Email: jimk@mobit.com| Phone: (623) 201-4200

PR/PR is a full-service publicity agency positioning speakers, non-fiction authors and experts in front of business decision makers through print media and online sources. For 20 years PR/PR Public Relations has a 100 percent track record of getting placements for their clients.

Email: Russell@prpr.net | Phone: (407) 895-8800

Directory Sponsor

eSpeakers, recognized as the “industry utility” of the speaking industry, was founded by the late Art Berg, CSP, CPAE. Art was a successful professional speaker who believed that the right technology would play a critical role in the future of the industry as a whole, and in the individual offices of speakers, trainers and coaches with thriving businesses.

Email: marketing@espeakers.com | Phone: (888) 377-3214

NSA Professional Affiliate Members List

Jim and Barb Weems produce books for professional speakers all over America. Our job is to take your edited MSWord file and turn it into a finished product that is both profitable and will also help you promote your speaking career. Almost all of our clients are NSA members and our company joined NSA in 1993. If you are regularly in front of an audience, then you have customers for back of the room sales. You need to call us.

Email: jim@jimweems.com | Phone: (918) 551-6180

Aptly named “The Business Growth Company,” Advantage| Forbes Books works tirelessly with entrepreneurs and CEOs to drive hyper-growth within their companies. After obtaining an intimate understanding of their business goals, our team offers a carefully crafted blueprint, outlining how a business leader can expand their company by publishing a book, building a personal brand, and cultivating a position of Authority in their field. In partnership with BusinessGhost, our Members gain access to top tier ghostwriters and the resources necessary to promote their business, elevate their personal brand, and enhance their speaking opportunities. Firmly established as the Best in Business™, there is no company better suited to catapult you to Authority status.

Email: ldeskin@advantageww.com 

From strategy to speech, we can help. Whether you want a full suite of themed speeches or need to refresh your main presentation, we can help. Our clients are changing the world as they speak before major companies and universities. We bridge literary prowess and strategic communications to help speakers sound amazing. Discreet.

Email: info@americanspeechwriter.com | Phone: (630) 890-9351

I create video and build massive YouTube channels for influencers who want to make a bigger impact in the world.

Email: Nate@BeTheHeroStudios.com | Phone: (801) 653-0679

We work with speakers to streamline their marketing so it works harder at getting them better recognition, higher quality engagements and more revenue. Our speaker clients achieve greater success and more freedom from burdensome marketing tactics because we use proven marketing and sales packages that succeed at growing their business faster. Better3 is perfect for speakers who want to grow their speaking business, create additional revenue sources and remove marketing complexity. Better clients, better engagements, better revenue: Better3.

Email: Terry@Better3.com | Phone: (407) 896-4088

BookBaby makes self-publishing easy, from book printing, eBooks, book distribution, and cover design to editing and book marketing services. Since 2011, we’ve helped thousands realize their publishing goals, backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. BookBaby creates and distributes printed books and eBooks to the largest distribution network, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and many other popular retailers worldwide.

Email: info@bookbaby.com | Phone: (877) 961-6878

Book More Business helps you create powerful marketing positioning for you and your program, marketing and promotional materials that reflect your corporate culture, and a workable business plan that you can carry out.

Email: lois@bookmorebusiness.com | Phone: (314) 822-8225

Extreme Multimedia is a division of Extreme Meetings. We create Infographics and PowerPoint with actual power, and motion graphics videos that move attendees to action. We’ll take your rough draft decks and give them an Extreme Makeover. Whether it’s your “ must-be-great-or-else” speech or a complex story you have no idea how to depict visually … Extreme Meetings® designers will create a PowerPoint deck you are actually proud to show!

Email: Karen@ExtremeMeetings.com | Phone: 425-698-1294

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Georgia Speakers Bureau, based in Atlanta at our new HQ at the Bona Allen Mansion. We’re searching for new and emerging professional speakers to book for meetings and conventions throughout the United States and Canada. If you’re charging $7,500 or less for a speech, you may be a good candidate for representation.

Email: dawn@gsblive.com | Phone: (678) 971-1692

Guise Marketing & PR was founded in 1995 with the express purpose of working with small business owners, professionals and non-profits to develop targeted marketing strategies, develop their personal branding, create effective, money-saving marketing campaigns, and achieve mastery at getting known and being visible.

Email: roberta@guisemarketing.com | Phone: (415) 979-0611

InstantPublisher.com offers custom printed books at affordable prices with fast production times. All manufacturing done in our TN printing plant with just about any type of printing option available including hardcover, softcover, spiral, leather and more binding styles. Mailing services for books and postcards, variable data along with book warehousing.

Email: questions@InstantPublisher.com | Phone: (901) 853-7070

Helping  employees, students and new entrepreneurs increase their productivity and achieve their goals is what I do best!  I'm an entrepreneur, TED Talk speaker, trainer, and mentor with experience in keynote presentations.  My name is Janet McCarty, with a unique energy that inspires change and motivation to help people make positive changes in their lives – I focus on helping them to create a better future through my words and colorful storytelling. As a multiple award-winning entrepreneur, I believe in starting with the why and not the how. For me, it is not only about making money – it's about compassion.

Email: janet@janetmccarty.pro | Phone: (415) 979-0611

JLB Talent Management offers business management services for professional speakers nationwide. Partnering with JLB offers speakers, trainers and facilitators the opportunity to focus on what they do best: deliver awesome presentations on stage. A speaker’s time is best spent crafting world-class presentations and delivering engaging speeches to clients; however, many speakers get bogged down in the details of running the business. Whether it is contracting, negotiating, arranging travel, coordinating client calls or promo materials, following up on leads immediately, or submitting expenses, etc. JLB Talent Management handles the business of speaking. You speak… We’ll run the business. 

Email: jared@jlbtalent.com | Phone: (888) 313-3030

Author/editor/book coach Ken Wachsberger has been creating internationally praised single-, double-, and multi-volume books for over thirty years and publishing articles and stories for over forty-five years. While teaching college writing for over thirty years, he discovered the secret to book writing: Anyone can write a book, as long as you’re passionate about your topic. How many of you are not passionate about your topic? As your book coach and editor, Ken will help you write, and then he will edit, the book that you need for credibility, back-of-the-room sales, and to transform your life. Ken is also a renowned expert on helping writers to negotiate book publishing contracts.

Email: ken@kenthebookcoach.com | Phone: (734) 635-0577

Mentored partners with experts to scale their business and brand by creating a digitized version of their expert methodologies to drive recurring impact and revenue.

Email: craig@mentored.com | Phone: (917) 860-9728

Meetings and events come in all shapes and sizes; that’s why we manage exclusive speakers on a variety of topics. Each of them has unique experiences, stories, and expertise, but they all have one thing in common: they are just as wonderful off the stage as they are on it. And we know how important that is when a company is investing time and money in an event. With more than two decades of event industry experience, we help meeting planners, speaker bureaus, association members, and executive decision makers find the ideal speakers for their events, create memorable experiences for every audience, and eliminate risk through trusted advice. We don’t just book speakers; we build relationships.

Email: michelle@michellejoyce.com | Phone: (704) 965-2339

At Moxie, we teach speakers the art and science of authentic performance. Our expert coaches and trainers empower executives, global organizations, thought leaders, and TED speakers to command the stage, crush their keynotes, and bring stories to life. Our team excels at driving speaker transformation from TED stages to the C-suites of Fortune 500 firms. Each line we write, each slide we design, and every minute of training is entirely tailored to the strengths and opportunities of you and your team. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.

Email: Gregg@TheMoxieInstitute.com | Phone: (858) 771-6827

You’re great at what you do. You’re successful and it’s working, but you know there’s something else for you.You know that you need to make a move. It could be that you’ve reached a success plateau and you need to shake up your business. Or there’s something exciting that you’d like to add to the mix. Getting unstuck and moving to something better is what Next Success Retreats and Coaching are all about. Joe Calloway partners with you to help you think through, strategize, and take action on your Next Success. It begins with a retreat and focused coaching in Nashville, at your home base, or at the resort of your choice. Follow-up coaching with Joe helps you stay on track.

Email:  joe@joecalloway.com  

Our Truths' Speakers Bureau is unique. We have world-renowned, highly sought-after speakers, trainers and emcees who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every event. But every speakers bureau says they have that, so what makes this one different? All of our speakers are Black women. We all know representation matters. We all know conference participants are more likely to attend conferences where they think they will see themselves represented. We all know that organizations that book talent with diverse mindsets and experiences are more likely to benefit from the wealh of knowledge the speaker brings to the table.Let Our Truths’ Speakers Bureau assist you in booking one of our TED talk-giving, Ph.D having, C-Suite seat filling women, who are ready to take your event or organization to the next level. Tell us about your event and we will find the perfect speaker for you.

At Podcast & Radio Networks we are passionate about helping companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and authors leverage the power of their voice with podcastingstreaming internet radio and audiobooks. For years, we’ve produced content for big brands, small businesses and solopreneurs. We're here to support your brand and business in creating and distributing original content.  Recording, editing, post-production, and distribution across the internet.  That's what we do. 

Email: dwolf@podcastandradio.com | Phone: 505-610-0249

 A lauded memoir ghostwriter. Ruby uses humor and suspense to craft true-life stories as page-turning prose. In-depth interviews and research reveal the events, decisions, and cultural elements responsible for shaping your philosophy. A Ruby Peru memoir ensures you and your message will be both remembered and understood.

Email: ruby@rubyperu.com | Phone: 505-310-5546

Short Circuit Media works with professional speakers, trainers and consultants to maximize marketing efforts across multiple channels. Our four stages of engagement are understanding your business, developing & executing a marketing strategy, and providing ongoing support. In short, we don’t just tell you what you need to do, we actually do it for you.

Email: aidan@shortcircuitmedia.com | Phone: (916) 248-5559

Melanie Fox is an acclaimed dialect coach and accent reduction specialist who helps non-native English speakers articulate clearly and empowers performers to master dialects from around the world. She works with executives, staff, and rising stars in the entertainment and sports industries to overcome their difficulties and fears as they interact, interview, network, or deliver camera-ready presentations in English. She customizes her classes to fit the unique needs of each client, based on their native language, English proficiency, personal goals, and business objectives to help make accessible, practical and enjoyable classes.

Email: melanie@speechfox.com | Phone: (631) 220-4478

Dave Bricker of Remarkable Stories, Inc. offers storytelling help for writers, speakers, professionals, and visionaries. Publish a life-changing book. Create an engaging website. Design beautiful slides. Craft a memorable speech. Build a clever campaign. Get the coaching, guidance, and “tough love” you need to deliver transformation to audiences, readers, prospects, and clients. Schedule a complimentary, sales-pitch-free strategy session to discuss your storytelling challenges and goals here.

Email: dave@davebricker.com | Phone: (305) 490-5998

Ten years ago, assistants were a luxury. Today's technological advances allow every speaker to hire their own, dedicated Virtual Assistant. Our educated, productive, right-hand business support at Virtual Assist USA enable our clients to accomplish a wide variety of tasks that would typically require an entire staff of employees, office space, expensive equipment, training periods, and substantial time and money invested. No other service offers this level of expert, convenient and affordable support. Virtual Assist USA offers unique benefits to speakers such as dedicated service, no minimum hours, fast turnaround and precision billing. A Virtual Assistant USA team member will take on the tasks that lock you down, while freeing up your time to do what you love. Our bottom line: We take care of your business as if it were ours.

Email: elle.cuomo@gmail.com