Video Lab 2017 Presenters

April 21-23, 2017 | Tempe, Arizona




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Friday, April 21
2:30pmBusses depart from host hotel











Opening Session and Reception

Leveraging Video to Grow for Your Speaking Empire – Ford Saeks, CSP
Video may be the medium, but it’s your messaging that matters. Whether you want to get more bookings, create new training products from your expertise, get butts in seats for public events, increase webinar attendance or use video to market and sell anything… the purpose of video is the response it elicits. Get found, educate, capture leads, shorten your sales cycle and make a greater impact through the power of video with these unique insights. In this presentation, business growth innovator, Ford Saeks, will reveal:

  • The three biggest mistakes that speakers make when using video, and how to avoid them.
  • Insider secrets of Google, YouTube and Facebook video optimization.
  • How to craft compelling video messages that are congruent for your unique brand, style.
  • The best ways to repurpose, repackage and repost your video content for your revenue model.
  • Precisely what, where and how you can use video to expand your digital footprint.

Join Ford on this journey and you’ll never look at video marketing the same way. Even if you already consider yourself a video pro or just starting out, you’ll discover how to improve your engagement, influence, impact… guaranteed!

Saturday, April 22
7:30amBusses depart from host hotel









































How to Create a Professional Video in Your Home/Office Studio – Chris West
A complete action plan for producing and sharing professional videos. Well-produced videos move you into the ranks of respected expert, influencer, and thought leader. Poorly-produced video can harm your reputation and render you’re message irrelevant. This session will provide practical, step-by-step action steps to produce professionally produced video in your home or office – without spending a fortune.

In this hands-on presentation, you will discover how to:

  • Set up your home/office studio with high-quality, cost-effective equipment.
  • Achieve a professional look and sound in your videos.
  • Feel more confident in your ability to produce video consistent with the quality of your brand.

Exploring explore real case studies on how fellow speakers have used their home or office studio to scale their businesses, you’ll know exactly what you need to do upon returning home from the lab.


Go from Flat to 3D on Video – Jan Fox
Use five passion points (not what you think) to bring your videos to life. Ever wonder why you look vibrant in the mirror and dead on camera? That little box can turn you into a stone statue full of nerves, zapping your charisma.

In this interactive session, you’ll discover techniques to:

  • Let your body move freely – like it does when you are in front of an audience.
  • Speak through your moods, for more inviting voice variation.
  • Lean IN – lean OUT for greater impact.
  • Chunk, cheat, and change on camera for easier editing.
  • Avoid “Shifty Prompter Eyes” for sustained connection with your audience.

Come ready to stand in front of the camera for quick laser-precise coaching. You will feel and see the difference immediately.


A Speaking Business that Positions You as the #1 Expert & Authority! – Montina Portis
Tap into the brand-building, prospect-connecting power of video marketing a well-produced video is worthless without a solid marketing strategy that fully incorporates the ability of video to demonstrate your brilliance and wisdom. In this super-interactive session, you will discover how to use videos to:

  • A.C.E. I.T. – Attract, Connect, Engage and Inspire others to take action
  • Attract more clients, generate more referrals and build marketing machines.
  • Build trust and authority online while promoting your speaking business around the web.
  • Promote your speaking engagements and upcoming events.
  • Promote proposals, win contracts and more!

In a world of “me too”, knowing how to promote your custom videos will differentiate your business and allow you to promote and connect with a prospect long before you speak on the phone or meet in person.


Building and Selling Highly-Profitable Video-Based Products and Systems – Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
You can create video-based products and systems that can easily surpass your speaking revenue; without trapesing through airports, sleeping in lonely hotel rooms, and missing your family and friends.

In this fast-paced, learn-from-each-other session, you will discover how to:

  • Conceive, create, and sell simple video-tools to reinforce your live message.
  • Create more robust learning management systems for effective training.
  • Determine when to use your home studio versus a professional studio.
  • Create and sell micro-learning tools to turn a one-off speaking engagement into a long, impactful, and profitable relationship.
  • Package, price, and sell highly-lucrative enterprise licensing deals.

After you create the product, you have to market it and sell it. This is where many fall flat. In addition to helping you conceive of your next video-based tool or system (from simple to complex), Bill will help you see the path to profit – to turn the product into a substantial revenue generator for your business.

4:30pmReturn to host hotel; Free night
Sunday, April 23
The Anatomy of a Killer Demo Video

A panel of experts led by the Rob “Waldo” Waldman, CSP, CPAE, will dive deep into the critical elements that will help your demo video sell you! You’ll see best examples, gain insights into what works, and learn how to create the best “Preview Video” you’ve ever had. This critical tool will help convert your prospects into clients and put dates on your calendar.

Inside a Multi-Million Dollar Video Business

How does a Hall of Fame, successful speaker build a sustainable video business that outperforms his speaking revenue? Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE, will share his strategy and processes to create, sell, and sustain the most profitable aspect of his enterprise.

*Subject to change