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  • Speaker’s Toolkit: Big Moves Make Dreams Happen - Successful speaker aren’t afraid to make big moves in their careers. A big move forces them out of their comfort zones and leads to massive growth. Check out the interviews with: Tarran Deane Laurie Guest, CSP Jill Schiefelbein  

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  • Why George Takei is a Powerful Public Speaker - Whether it’s on Star Trek or as a social activist, George Takei certainly knows how to engage an audience. Between his stint as Sulu on Star Trek and his super popular Facebook page, it’s no secret that George Takei knows how to captivate an audience. But
  • Speaker’s Toolkit: Show Me the Money Strategies - Do you want to book more speaking engagements, attract a larger audience and increase your speaking revenue? Three speakers share their strategies for success. Check out the interviews with: Phil Gerbyshak Valda Ford  

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