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  • How to be an Effective Auctioneer - And the winner is… Perhaps this has happened to you. A client reaches out and asks if you can do just one more thing for them while you are already at the event and my response 99.9 percent of the time is, “Sure.” This time my sure wasn’t as confi
  • 6 Tips From Richard Branson on Overcoming Pre-Speech Jitters - Want to know a secret? Even billionaires get stage fright. Just ask Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur extraordinaire. Branson’s dislike of public speaking is a well-known fact–Virgin quotes him as saying, ”I loathe making speeches and always have. I
  • Make art’s permed master of “happy little trees” your personal hero - Speaking in front of crowds is nerve-racking. The truth is, instead of doing a speech, most people would rather take a test they didn’t study for, in their underwear in front of a snake pit where all the snakes are all wearing super fancy monocles…tha