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As an NSA member, you can engage in Professional Experts Groups (PEGs), where you’ll develop your skills, learn the secrets of success from masters in your field, brainstorm with other PEG members and get into closed-door PEG sessions at conferences and conventions.

Each of NSA's PEGs help you focus on a unique skill, topic area or market through teleseminars, webinars and newsletters. You’ll find other like-minded professionals who share their knowledge on topics from social media and eLearning diversity to health and wellness.

When you join NSA, you’ll have the chance to also join any of our 12 PEGs:

  • Business Coaching – If you coach businesses, this PEG can help you gain a deeper understanding of your field and grow your practice.
  • Consultants – This PEG connects consultants to discuss emerging tools, tips and trends, enhancing your consulting practice and your speaking profession at the same time.
  • Diversity – Whether you speak, train or consult on diversity, this PEG will help you understand and embrace new developments in the field.
  • ePEG – If you incorporate social media and eLearning into your speaking business, this PEG will help you deepen your understanding and connect with others using emerging media.
  • Educators – Join other speakers who focus on the education market and learn about current trends and practices affecting education speakers.
  • Health & Wellness – If you’re a health and wellness expert, this PEG will help you expand your business influence while you enjoy healthy discussion and debate.
  • Humor – Develop your humor skills and your funny business through this PEG full of professional development sessions, newsletters and networking.
  • Motivational/Keynote – Learn how to add more keynote addresses, partner with bureaus or transition from seminars to keynote slots with this PEG.
  • Sales Experts – If you teach others how to sell, join forces with other like-minded sales pros in this this PEG.
  • Storytellers – Learn how to master the art of storytelling and how to incorporate stories into your speeches to better engage your audience.
  • Trainers & Facilitators – Join others who have successfully integrated both captive and public seminars/workshops into their speaking businesses with this PEG.
  • Writers/Publishers – This PEG will help speakers who also write and publish save time and money by exposing publishing industry myths and sharing best practices.

These specialized groups are just one of the many benefits of NSA membership. Ready to take advantage of all membership has to offer? Join today.

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