How Speakers Deliver ROA

White Paper by Chris Clarke-Epstein – download white paper

What Is Return on Attendance (ROA)?

  1. The measurable benefits gained by participants in a meeting due to their application of the meeting’s content
  2. The measurable value realized by a meeting sponsor from the total meeting experience
  3. The measurable value realized by a meeting planner from the total meeting execution
  4. The measurable business result the organization, business or association receives from funding a meeting

This white paper has several objectives. It will:

  • Create an understanding of how professional speakers contribute to the ROA of a meeting
  • Explore ways professional speakers can craft a competitive advantage by focusing on ROA
  • Fill professional speakers’ toolkits with ideas and strategies that will produce a higher ROA from their programs

This white paper will be helpful for:

  • Professional speakers
  • Aspiring speakers
  • Trainers
  • Meeting planners
  • Consultants
  • Meeting funders

In this white paper, the terms meeting, learning event and training are used interchangeably. They refer
to a gathering (either face-to-face or virtual) with the intent of exchanging information, knowledge and
skills, or boosting morale.

Professional speakers are presenters who make their living by sharing their expertise through the
spoken word, which can delivered live or electronically. Professional speakers include keynoters,
breakout session leaders, content presenters, humorists, consultants, trainers and message-delivering
entertainers. The concepts presented in this white paper apply to all professional speakers, but not
all techniques are appropriate for every speaker’s practice or presentation.

Before reading further, download the full White Paper – How Speakers Deliver ROA-White Paper by Chris Clarke-Epstein