Winter Conference 2017: Business Symposium

February 24-26, 2017 | San Francisco, California

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Is there anything that profitable and sustainable speaking businesses have in common? Yes! Whether you are speaking, training, coaching, consulting or writing there are four pillars that are essential. Level Up/Scale Up…it’s not about platform skills or techniques – it’s all about the business!

  • Legal: are you protecting your intellectual property? Do you know how to navigate state, national or international statutes and rules?
  • Financial: are you taking advantage of every opportunity to maximize your income while minimizing local, state or national taxes? Are you fully invested in your own retirement?
  • Operation Productivity: are you using the best tools to maximize personal business management while minimizing staff overhead? Do your communication tools provide a seamless connection with your clients?
  • Marketing Tools: do you have the systems and processes in place to breakthrough to prospects that will grow your business?

During the course of the weekend you will be immersed with proven experts from within and outside NSA and you will walk away with a documented strategy to strengthen your legal, financial, operational and marketing strategy. It all begins in just a few weeks when you will receive an invitation to get started online leveling up and scaling up your business. Our team is already at work bringing together in one symposium the best minds on building a profitable intellectual property business…we want to learn with you how to build the best business model to create the lifestyle we long for!

Join us February 24-26, 2017. Your business and your life just might never be the same again!

Anna Liotta, CSP
Winter Conference 2017 Chair

Barry Banther, CSP
Winter Conference 2017 Chair