Attend a Local Chapter Event

There are NSA local chapters throughout the United States where you can connect and learn with speakers in your area. Find one in your area and plan to attend.

Be sure to visit the individual Chapter websites for meeting information and location.

Attend a Local Chapter Event


Woodinville, WA
(707) 999-SPKR (7757)
Twitter: @NSANorthwest

Founded in 1984, NSA Northwest is a community of speakers on topics covering banking, change, diversity, leadership, marketing, presentation skills, productivity, safety, technology and everything in between. A dynamic organization representing the states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, this chapter also represents a wide range of experts. Our professional members have qualified to this status by presenting professionally for five years and earning over a certain amount from speaking. This is the resource to find a variety of qualified experts who speak.

Portland, OR
(503) 626-8197
Twitter: @nsaoregon
Welcome to NSA Oregon, the Oregon chapter of the National Speakers Association. We are an organization of professional speakers whose expertise covers a broad range of topics, skills, knowledge and experience, and a chapter of the 4,000 member National Speakers Association - the recognized voice of the speaking profession that sets the benchmark for platform excellence worldwide.
NSA-Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 868-0808
Regardless of the industry or discipline in which your expertise as a speaker falls, people who speak professionally have many things in common. Many are entrepreneurs or small business owners. Challenges related to marketing products and services, keeping up with technological advances and anticipating trends are common to everyone. There is no such thing as a ispeaking circuit,i so how do you reach potential clients? How do you expand your skill set to increase your value to clients once you have them? With long hours, travel and an ever-changing cast of clients, speaking can be a lonely profession. What is the best way to expand your network of colleagues and connect to people who do what you do? The National Speakers Association brings speakers together to address these issues. NSA is a community of thousands of speaking professionals all over the world o a community where the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of ideas is a way of life.
NSA-Northern California
San Jose, CA
(650) 646-4220
The Northern California Chapter meets the first Saturday of every other month starting in September (we take a break in July). September's meeting is pushed to the second Saturday due to Labor Day holiday. Chapter meetings are a great time to meet other professional speakers, and learn the newest trends in Public Speaking, and running a Small Business. Meetings typically begin with a general round of introductions. We network in the halls to talk about challenges we're facing, successes we've had, and insights we've gained. After the introductions and announcements, the main program begins.

NSA-GLAC (Greater Los Angeles Chapter)
Moorpark, CA
(866) 519-7730
Twitter: @NSAGLAC
The National Speakers Association's Greater Los Angeles Chapter (NSA/GLAC) serves southern California, as the local chapter of NSA. We are the professional association for individuals who use the spoken word to influence others. Our events are held across Los Angeles and Orange County to empower So Cal speakers to connect and grow. Our current members include past national presidents of NSA, Hall of Fame speakers, Cavett Award Winners, a Golden Gavel Award recipient, best selling authors, producers, celebrity speakers and other high-quality speakers that want to share secrets to help empower your speaking career. If you rely on the spoken word to influence others, you'll benefit from joining GLAC. If you are an NSA member residing in southern California, you'll want to join the chapter to connect with your local peers. If you aspire to become a professional speaker, GLAC's professional speaking school, NSA/GLAC Speakers Academy, is a leading national program. NSA/GLAC Speakers Academy will shorten your learning curve and provide you the foundation to propel your career as a professional speaker.

NSA-San Diego
Corona, CA
(760) 805-2170
The San Diego Chapter of the "National Speakers Association" is the critical organization for experts who speak professionally. Our objective is to facilitate community and education in a local setting for our National Members. Our members include the top professional expert speakers in business, personal growth, motivation, and many other fields. Authors, humorists and educators count themselves as members. The San Diego Chapter holds numerous events throughout the year. Some are specifically for members and many others are open to anyone interested.

North Central

Excelsior, MN
(612) 314-3992
If you're interested in creating or building a professional speaking business, and networking with people who are dedicated to the profession of speaking, check out the National Speakers Association Minnesota Chapter.
Dubuque, IA
(563) 590-9693
Twitter: @WI_Speakers
Welcome to the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Speakers Association, the premiere resource of local experts who speak, train, coach and consult all over the world! NSA-WI is proud to be the first chartered chapter of the National Speakers Association. Our meetings are professional events with the highest caliber of presenters offering business insights, trends, skills, and strategies that will help you grow your professional speaking business. Our Speaker Academy is designed for the emerging speaker who wants to be on the fast track to Professional status. Our primary goal is to grow the business of our professional members.
Ann Arbor, MI
(248) 476-2134
Twitter: @NSAMichigan
Michigan's Chapter of the National Speakers Association is the recognized voice of the speaking profession throughout Michigan, exemplifying leadership and platform excellence, as we impact how people work and live.
Westmont, IL
(847) 991-0772
Twitter: @NSAIllinois
NSA-Illinois is the recognized community for professional speakers and presenters with expertise in content, platform excellence and business knowledge in connecting audiences on growth potential and inspiration for success.
Dublin, OH
(866) 900-6446
Twitter: @NSAOhio
NSA Ohio is an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association. The NSA Ohio Chapter draws professional and emerging speakers. We meet regularly on a state-wide level for professional development seminars, networking and sharing best practices on issues vital to professional speakers and trainers.


Grand Central Station, NY
(646) 479-6686
Twitter: @NSANYC
Welcome to the New York City Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Our chapter serves local speakers who want their speaking, training, coaching, and consulting businesses to flourish. At NSA, we stress four core competencies in our educational programs: 1. Eloquence - World Class Presentation Skills; 2. Expertise - Expert Content; 3. Enterprise - Successful, Profitable Businesses; 4. Ethics - Trading Value for Value with Integrity.
Simsbury, CT
(203) 798-8006
We hold 7-8 networking/educational meetings per year. Members and associates attend these meetings for free. Guest fee is $35. The meetings run from 6pm-9pm and are held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Shelton.
NSA-New England
Westford, MA
(978) 692-0905
Twitter: @NSANewEngland
As an award-winning chapter of the National Speakers Association, our mission at NSA New England is to help members enhance their professionalism and grow their speaking businesses. The National Speakers Association is dedicated to advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally.
NSA-New Jersey
Bedminster, NJ
(888) 383-7567
NSA-NJ is the New Jersey Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA). The chapter was formed in 2005. Membership is open to anyone who is already a member of NSA. However, everyone is welcome to participate in our meetings and events. The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the leading organization for those who speak professionally. NSA's thousands of members include experts in a variety of industries and disciplines, who reach audiences as trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors and more. Since 1973, NSA has provided resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and speaking profession. Visit NSA's Web site at NSA: The Voice of the Speaking Profession.
Bethesda, MD
(202) 765-1160
Twitter: @NSADC
Guests are welcome to attend NSA-DC's monthly events located at 2415 Westwood Avenue, Suite B, Richmond, Virginia, 23230. These are Saturday morning experiences featuring guest speakers well-known for expertise and eloquence in their specific topic. PLUSOenetworking with experienced professional speakers, learning from Chapter leaders, and sharing tips from others solving the same speaking business problems you face.
Bethel Park, PA
(412) 851-4223
Twitter: @NSAPittsburgh
The National Speaker's Association of Pittsburgh is an association of professional speakers who embrace a code of ethics focused on maintaining public confidence in the speaking profession.

Havertown, PA
(484) 887-8505
Twitter: @NSAPHL
The National Speakers Association, Philadelphia Chapter (NSA-PHL), formerly called NSA MidAtlantic (NSA-MAC), is one of 38 chapters and local networks of the National Speakers Association (NSA) across the country, each providing services to their members, primarily environments for learning and professional growth.


Denver, CO
(303) 359-2751
Twitter: @NSA_CO
The National Speakers Association-Colorado Chapter is the premiere resource for speakers, trainers and consultants. NSA Colorado is the one source for meeting planners looking for professional speakers and consultants. We strive to help professional speakers grow their business by having monthly meetings that stress the advancement of the skills, integrity and values needed to succeed.
Tempe, AZ
(480) 968-7443
Twitter: @NSAAZ
NSA-New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
(916) 719-4635
NSA-New Mexico o a state chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) o is the only professional speakers association in the state of New Mexico. One of the 38 proud chapters of NSA, we are here to grow and empower our members through sharing, learning, and mentoring in a positive environment. Our professional members are also members of the National Speakers Association.
NSA-Mountain West
Murray, UT
(801) 541-7259
Twitter: @NSA_MN
Mountain West Speakers Association is dedicated to providing opportunities for professional speakers to improve their skills, profitability and business savvy. From our professional website to our monthly educational meetings you can attend in personoor via streaming video, to our annual speaker's showcase and robust library of professional development DVD's, podcasts, and video.

South Central

NSA-Kansas City
Bonner Springs, KS
(816) 875-6725
Visit our Chapter website for time, date and location of our next Chapter meeting.
NSA-St. Louis
Kirkwood, MO
(314) 724-3443
Twitter: @NSASTL
National Speakers Association (NSA) is the largest international organization of professional speakers, with more than 5,000 members worldwide. As part of the International Federation for Professional Speakers, NSA helps its members deliver platform excellence, develop their businesses, and have a positive impact on their audiences.
Louisville, KY
(502) 558-4572
Twitter: @NSAKYChapter
Visit our Chapter website for time, date and location of our next Chapter meeting.
NSA-New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
(504) 913-8358
If you have an interest in becoming a speaker and would want to join our chapter, we suggest you attend one of our meetings as a guest. Meet everyone. Check us out. If your interest is still high, we'd welcome your membership. There are no high pressure tactics to join. No one must become a member to participate in our meetings. An individual can continue to attend every meeting as a guest. The monthly costs are higher for guest but that choice can be made.
NSA-North Texas
Dallas, TX
(972) 233-9107 ext. 201
Twitter: @NSANorthTexas
The National Speakers Association of North Texas, a chartered chapter of the National Speakers Association (the largest association of professional speakers in the world), is dedicated to advancing the standard of excellence in the speaking profession and expanding the use of professional speakers.

Austin, TX
(610) 291-7700
Twitter: @NSAAustin
Our mission is to provide professional speakers with forums, methods, and resources to enhance the overall quality, continuity, and success of their businesses. Our alliance with the National Speakers Association allows us to leverage NSA's resources and reputation as "the leading professional association for speakers, providing resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity, and value of its members and the speaking profession.

Houston, TX
(713) 305-5117
Twitter: @houston_nsa
Our mission at NSA-Houston is to help each member enhance their speaking professionalism to grow their speaking businesses. We improve the world one audience at a time.


Newport News, VA
(804) 439-0639
The Virginia Chapter of the National Speakers Association serves all Virginia speakers - from Blue Ridge, through Central Virginia and into Tidewater and Eastern North Carolina.
Winston Salem, NC
(336) 564-5199
Welcome to the Carolinas Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Whether you're a veteran speaker or just beginning your professional speaking career, you have come to the right place. NSA/Carolinas is an extension of the National Speakers Association located in Tempe, Arizona, and one of 40 chapters located throughout the United States. Our members are from North and South Carolina and represent speaking professions with a wide range of topics and expertise. We consist of full time and part time speakers, facilitators, seminar leaders, trainers, entertainers, authors, educators, consultants, speaker's bureaus and more.
Marietta, GA
(770) 445-4797
Twitter: @NSAGeorgia
Members attend the morning session FREE. First time guests pay only $25 to attend. Returning guests may attend for $50.
NSA-Florida Speakers Association
Davie, FL
(954) 370-0041
Twitter: @FLSpeakers
Meets near Ft. Lauderdale.

NSA-Central Florida
Tampa, FL
(813) 969-0489
Twitter: @NSACF
Chapter members, visiting NSA members, guests, and others interested in learning more about becoming a professional speaker are welcome to attend our chapter meetings, which are held on the third Saturday of each month, January through June and August through November.